If Your Guy Does These 6 Things, He’s Just Not Into You

1. He doesn’t reply to your messages even after reading them.


No excuses saying “I have been busy” work, if one makes them all the time. Don’t you agree?

2. He talks only about himself.


Your guy doesn’t not ask you ‘how was your day’, what’s new and he only talks about what’s going on in his life?
Well, girl…it’s time that you tell him about it!

3. He talks more about how sexy your friend is!


If he makes sexual jokes about how attractive your friends are, he might be more into them, then you.

4. If he says, “You surely deserve better than me”.


Girl, you got to fix things asap. Because your guy is gently telling you – “I’m not that into you anymore!

5. He never initiates plans.


You are the only one making plans to meet your guy or hang out with him and he ain’t interested at all.

6. He doesn’t have time for your friends.


Whenever you ask him to join you while you meet your friends, he always escapes with an excuse. Let’s be real!
He’s going to do this his entire life. Time to talk!

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor