Birth Of A ‘RAPIST’

Birth Of A ‘RAPIST’







These are many rules for girls but for boys….wait, there are no rules! And the shameless reason we have for such inequality is, “they are boys,their case is different” & guess what? This is what makes us girls think that being born as a girl is a curse. Women are one of the greatest wonders of this world, yet some people treat them as a burden. If the woman who brought you in this world is a burden then so are you! From our childhood, we have learned that the culprit should be punished, but isn’t it sad that nature does not follow this golden rule? If a man rapes a girl/women, the society looks at the girl with disgust. The girl loses her respect and her dignity even when she is not the one at  fault. But what does the man lose? People won’t even remember his name after a few months, but the girl would be remembered forever as the “characterless girl” who got raped.
There was a news that stated that women should not be allowed to get out their house in evening.They should be locked up in their houses to avoid rapes. HOW CONVENIENT & HOW INSANE! It’s like you can make your daughter wear purdah to avoid rapes but you can’t teach your son to respect women. If they are so concerned about women being raped why can’t they ban men from going out at night? Women feel unsafe because of the MCP’s out there who think women are the objects for pleasure. If they are locked up indoors, women are safe anyway. But not a single man would agree to this suggestion because it challenges their sense of freedom. What about our freedom, a women’s freedom? India is a developing country with an average literacy rate of 74% as per the 2014 census. The large population of people is one of the reasons for the low literacy rate in India. In India, there are still many families that do not give equal respect to the lady of the house. In these families the women are treated like dirt. The children in these families grow up seeing how the women their houses are treated and then these children grow up thinking that this the way a women should be treated and thus a rapist is born!


About the Author: This article is contributed by Aashy Mathan, our intern.

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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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