Be A Hero !!

Think of this- You are sleeping on the bed of roses just when dreams sputter in your mind; fantasies of a handsome princess who comes on white pony all dressed up like a warrior. A faint smile starts appearing on your face when you see him coming. He is the man who will save you, like a true savior. But suddenly when  you were wandering in the land of dreams, the alarm starts buzzing and you are back to reality. The dream is over. No prince charming is there next to you who would come for your rescue. After all is said and done you just realize that it was a dream and now you are back into reality. Like seriously, why do you have to wait for your prince? Why do you want him to come and save you? Why can’t you be your own hero?   romantic-couple-on-white-horse-be2509 Don’t ever wait for someone to come and bring you out of your problem. They’ve got their own problems to deal with. Take a stand for yourself. When someone passes a nasty comment or stares you badly, you should never tolerate even a bit of it. We women are not something to be objectified after all. Don’t just stand there looking for help instead take your own stand. There is no point in waiting for anyone to come forth. If u stand up for yourself today, you never know you might be giving some other girls an inspiration to speak up. sfsdfc It may sound cliché but a woman must become one’s own hero. Learn to stand up for yourself. Don’t give up on your life so easily. Things get difficult sometimes, but who said it was going to be easy? Just because there is something not right doesn’t mean you should end up your life. Go out, have fun! Live your life to the fullest. Because, YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE (YOLO). Do what u like the most! Wear what you want to! Live your life the way you want to. Go out and explore. Step out to meet people and make new friends. Even if bad days hit you, just remain calm and find the solution. And remember that in the world of ordinary mortals, you are a super woman.            


About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Shaikh, our Intern.

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