7 misconceptions about i-pill debunked!

7 misconceptions about i-pill debunked!

Sex is still considered a taboo in modern day India which is why many people have misconceptions about birth control pills and how they work. 

Combined Oral contraceptive pills also know as birth control pills or simply as ‘the pill’ is a birth control method that includes a combination of the hormones estrogen and progestogen.

These pills reversibly inhibit female fertility. Out of these the most popular yet little understood is the I-pill, which due to its ease of use has quickly become India’s most goto birth control pill.

Here are 7 misconceptions about i-pill:

1. I-pill is strictly an emergency contraceptive pill. This means it cannot be consumed daily like other birth control pills and has to be taken only when you have unprotected sex. There can be harmful reactions if this pill is taken more than 2 times a month.

2. I-pill was only designed for women between the age of 25 and 45. So if you are younger or older than this then the I-pill can have unwanted side effects.

3. I-pill is a ‘morning after pill’ which means it needs to be consumed within 24 hours of having unprotected sex, as the best case. I-pill becomes completely useless if taken 72 hours after having sex.

4. I-pill is an over the counter medicine. This means that you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

5. Mothers who are breastfeeding their infants can take I-pill without any worry. There are no known harmful effects to the child and the quality of the mother’ milk will not deteriorate.

6. I-pill cannot cause abortions. People often mistake birth control pills and abortion pills as the same thing! If you want to have an abortion then please consult a doctor.

7. You can take an I-pill and resume your regular contraceptive pills the next day. So in case you have unprotected sex, an I-pill can ease your anxiety.

An I-pill, however, does not come without side effects. Side effects may include reduced sexual interest, skin allergies and early periods.

The I pill and birth control pills in general, has brought about a revolution in the socio-cultural context of India. Women have gained more freedom and greater sexual independence than before. As a young adult of modern India, I welcome such change.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Siddharth Garg, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor