5 Reasons why Ladies’ Night is banned in Hauz Khas Village

5 Reasons why Ladies’ Night is banned in Hauz Khas Village

Did you watch the news lately? Then you probably would be aware of the curfew put on women and girls at Hauz Khas Village. Is that what we need?

Well, I don’t understand the need to ban Ladies’ Night in Hauz Khas Village. Here are 5 reasons why Ladies’ Night is banned in Hauz Khas Village.


1. Because some boys (yeah, those males aren’t really men and neither are all the males same, yeah) feel that abducting and molesting girls on the streets means having fun with them. For them, it means that they are not eighteen year old or even twenty three year old boys anymore, but they are twenty three year old men. If you ask us girls, you are not even humans anymore!

2. Because we think that boys should have all the fun. Really, all that a girls desire is an independent life where they don’t have to worry about what is going on in their surroundings, where they don’t have to think twice before taking a taxi, where they don’t have to…well, they don’t have to live in the fear of being raped any time.

3. Because government officials think that these boys, or non-humans, if I may be allowed to call them turn into that way only under the darkness of the night. Princes by day and Beasts by night. What people fail to understand is that banning girls from a night out won’t really solve the problem because these non-humans could as well do the same in broad daylight on a vacant street.

4. Because people in our society believe that a ladies’ night out is a question mark on our character. And yes, this is to all the “kitty-party wali aunties”, this is not the same! A question will be raised on our character when we come home late. But no, that is not what we do. We go out there to dance and have fun! (Just like your son might be doing right now, only in a more ethical way.)

5. Because banning girls is the only solution as they are inferior to men. You being men, can’t ban men from entering a place right? They should be, after all, free to go wherever they feel like, with whatever amount of alcohol they have in their body!


Does it ever strike people that if girls are not allowed in Hauz Khas Village after 7:00 pm then these boys, who claim to be men, could very easily go to some new places to do whatever inhumane things they do? Does it ever strike people that if girls are not allowed their then our officials are once again showing us how all this show about women empowerment is merely that, a show?
It does to me!

If only Delhi police took strict measures to curb the crime rate instead, life of women would have been so much easier!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ritika Chhabra, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor