5 Types of Men All Women should Steer Clear of

5 Types of Men All Women should Steer Clear of

Dating & relationships aren’t easy to tread especially when your partner seems to be not as involved or aloof. While it’s never alright to stereotype anyone, there are certain traits or signs men show while dating that you should look out for if you want to save yourself heartache and a lot of drama. Here’s a simple list of 5 types of men you should walk away from:

  • He’s a commitment phobe

A man who showers you with love but is too freaked out to take a step forward and commit is not the man you want to chase and lose your sleep over. This commitment phobe will probably never be clear with you about the relationship status, he’ll be evasive every time you bring up the question of ‘what lies ahead for us?’  

  • He’s emotionally unavailable 

Emotionally distant men

You are a person and you deserve all the happiness and peace in the world. You don’t deserve a man who doesn’t open up to you, refuses to show his vulnerable side to you and has a ton of unresolved issues stemming from past experiences. Being able to embrace your emotions and staying emotional open to each other is the first step to being in a healthy relationship.  

  • He’s still into his ‘Ex’

If you are not aware of the term ‘rebound’, please look it up immediately. Absolutely avoid any man who still mentions his ex from time to time and doesn’t realize that he needs to move on to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Can't get over your ex

Because of his underlying, unresolved feelings for his ex, he’ll never be able to give you the attention and care you deserve. 

  • He’s abusive 

Abuse can be verbal, physical, psychological and emotional. You may be scared to leave such a man because of the trauma and fear but reach out to close friends who support you and take a step away from such an abusive man. A man who belittles and degrades you, beats or hurts you physically or emotionally is not the man who deserves your love and respect! 

Abusive men

Abusive men often control their partners, are narcissistic, and damage their partner’s self-esteem to such an extent that it takes a lifetime of therapy to recover from it. Look out for signs and distance yourself from such a partner. Don’t be afraid of asking for help when you are stuck in such a situation.  

  • He’s got no honesty or respect for you 

If you feel and find out that your man has been dishonest with you, doesn’t respect your boundaries, opinions, values in life then it’s time that you walk away. Mutual respect and trust are absolutely essential to a relationship and without these, a relationship will never prosper. 

Dishonest men- heartbroken women

What’s crucial to remember is that we can’t group men into batches led by traits but looking out for negative patterns in relationships or even when dating is definitely a helpful step towards protecting yourself emotionally, and physically. All of us are individuals with values, boundaries and they should be respected as such. But it’s always good to ensure that you don’t end up compromising on your values to make a toxic relationship work.  


Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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