5 Things To Stop Doing So You Find True Love

5 Things To Stop Doing So You Find True Love

Are you striving to find love? Well, there are a lot of misapprehensions out there on how to find true love but not many people know the reality of finding the perfect love and sustaining a healthy relationship.

Before we begin talking about it, I want you to know that what you watch in movies isn’t real. The unrealistic expectations are purely misleading. Instead, I want you to focus on how your own actions can obstruct you from finding love.

Remember – if you love yourself, you will attract love. So, don’t focus on finding someone to complete you, focus on completing yourself and the right person will find you.

Here are 5 things to stop doing to find love:

1. Stop settling for less: The worst you can do is settle for anyone who tells you they love you, because you are afraid you will die alone. Take your time to find the Mr. or Mrs. Right.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others: Everyone is unique. People have their own journey to experience. Comparing yourself with others will do you more harm than good. It will make you feel skimpy and prevent you from loving yourself for who you are. So, focus on your good qualities and acknowledge your achievements.

3. Stop being desperate: Being overly eager or desperate for love can push people away. Instead of constantly seeking a relationship, focus on developing your own interests, hobbies, and personal growth.

4. Stop standing in awe of your ex: I understand it’s hard to get over your ex but if you are not together, it is for a reason. Whether you left him for someone or he did, or you fought constantly or had completely different goals and wants in life, or maybe either one of you didn’t try hard enough. The key point is – it’s time to get over it.

5. Stop pressuring yourself: Finding love takes time. Pressurising yourself to find someone until a particular date, day or week can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Focus on enjoying your present and you will find true love at the right time.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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