5 Anti-Rape Products That Every Delhi Girl Should Have

In the last couple of years, rape cases have been increased by 26.7%, according to the official statistics. In 2012, the brutal gang rape of Nirbhaya not only shook the nation but also triggered mass protests and many questions on women’s safety in Delhi. Surprisingly, the stern amendments in law and the setting up of fast track courts have poorly failed to stop the rising number of rape cases, and such incidents have increased manifold. Delhi, known as India’s biggest business city, registered over 300 rapes which prove that nothing has changed post Nirbhaya rape case. Over and above, the recent rape of young financial analyst in a taxi has again raised questions on women’s safety in the capital and pushed them to take safety into their hands. Therefore, rising number of women in the capital are taking self-defence classes and keeping pepper sprays in their bags in order to ensure safety. Here are 5 more unique products that are specially designed to help women to protect themselves against rapists and street harassers. Although these products seem weird, they prove very helpful for women in distress. Let’s take a quick look at them. 1.  Anti-Rape Condom: It is also known as ‘Rape-Axe’ condom which is to be worn by women. It comes with sharp points, in the shape of teeth, which will thrust into rapist’s sensitive organ when he pushes himself on you, and it can only be removed by a doctor. Rape condom2. Hairy Stockings:  This product gives a shock to perverts and deters him at the same time. It is especially designed for young girls who party till late night. It can be worn while coming back alone from late night parties. It will surely protect you from perverts. Hairy stockings3. Anti-Rape Buckle: It is yet another amazing anti-rape product designed by Swedish teenage girls. It requires two hands to use which eventually makes a task of removing girl’s clothes tougher for rapists. It keeps the wearer in control rather than being controlled. Anti-Rape Buckle4. Anti-Rape Bra: This technology driven anti-rape product is designed by three young girls of SRM University of Chennai, India. The lingerie comes up with sensors and an electric shock circuit board that will supply electric shocks and will caution police and parents about the incident. It is also backed by a global positioning system for mobile communication. Anti-Rape 5. Anti-Molestation Jacket: This is yet another innovative anti-molestation product designed by Indian students. Two students of India’s well-known fashion designing college, NIFT, designed this jacket which supplies 110 volts of current when it perceives unfavourable advances from guys. The jacket is made in both denim as well as acrylic. Unfortunately, the product is still awaiting a patent. Anti-Molestation      


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Jaideep Singh. He started writing as a hobby but soon he realized that he wanted to do it for a living. Now he works as a professional writer and often takes time out to express his views and opinion on grave issues confronting the society. He firmly believes that writing is the most powerful medium to communicate with the entire society.

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