13 Examples of Rape Culture in Everyday Life

13 Examples of Rape Culture in Everyday Life

As we walk deeper into the 21st century we find more rapes being committed all over the world.

It is shocking how most people in the world are the victims or propagators of the rape culture. Rape culture is the manner in which the society normalcies rape and blames the victim for the wrong doings of the rapist. It has become an extremely normal statement to make that the girl must be wearing short clothes or western clothes because of which she was raped. This is unacceptable. Well, these people need to know that women are raped even when they are wearing body-covering clothes. If clothes are the criteria for females being raped what would be the criteria for men being raped. Men being raped is also a common occurring in the world but is not discussed at length because the majority of the cases are not brought into the limelight.

Rape Culture is when….

  1. You teach women how to prevent rape rather than teaching the men not to rape women. Well, Men are raped as well! How about we teach people that rape invades privacy and is a horrendous crime to commit.
  1. Women are called slut, bitches, and liars when they report rape crimes.
  1. When women are blamed for the incident because they were wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothes.


    4. Jokes on rape and when people try to defend them.

   5. Supporting the rapists.

   6. Women not feeling as safe as men while walking on the streets.

  7. Rapists not punished for their crimes.

  1. Men who believe that women should be raped to keep them under control.

  2. People who mock consent. Consent is an extremely important issue. It is imperative that people start understanding the meaning of NO.


  1. Families who blame their daughters for posting sexy images as it invite ‘rapists’.

  2. Songs which glorifies women’s bodies and their urge for sex. There are even songs which mock consent. These are the ones which perpetuate the ideas that women like men who follow them and force them into being with them. That is not the case. When we say NO, we mean it!

  3. Assuming that the victims are always lying about their rape. Well, it may not be true every time.
  4. Blurring the line between sex and rape. By using the phrase ‘Fuck you’ the difference between violence and pleasure is blurred as fuck is associated with sexual violence. When the distinction between sex and rape is blurred the world becomes an unsafe place for people as we no longer understand what is pleasurable and what is violence and well, of course, we forget about consent as well!






ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Manjulika Chellappan, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor