10 ways to win a girl’s heart

10 ways to win a girl’s heart

Oh, this girl is so cute. I can’t stop myself now. I am in love with her beautiful eyes, her curvy sylph and most importantly I am in love with her heart of gold. But does she feel the same about me? How can i win her heart? Her heart is of gold and I am no less than an idiot. I hardly know her lest about her nature,likes and dislikes. But I want her……..” Well, if you have been going around with the same thoughts then don’t worry for winning a girl’s heart is no rocket science. Here are few easy tips that can help you find a place in her heart-

1. Understanding a girl’s nature will do the trick. Just analyze if she is a sort of freaked out or very sensitive. This is important to understand as the qualities of her dream boy will vary accordingly. Once you have understood this, half of your work is done.

2.Girls don’t want to be treated like a queen, but they do want to be treated like a princess. She doesn’t want you to be a doormat, she wants you to be the one in charge. Open every door for her, especially the car door. Pull out her chair and allow her to sit down first when you take her on a date, and let her order first.

3. Ask solid open-ended questions that include “what,” “how,” and “why.” If you’re doing most of the talking, you’re not getting very far with her. Show her you care with body language and by repeating back some of what she just told you.

4. Being close to someone doesn’t means been their everywhere with them, keep a suitable distance and give her space. Until you both get committed to each other, make sure no point arises where she calls you a possessive friend.

5. Show her that you care for her and her needs. Pay attention to the small details. Girls care about the small stuff, big time.

6. Never impose your thoughts on her, never judge her until you are sure, never comment on her friends or family members. Trust her and try been a loyal friend to her.

7. Once you have moved up the ladder from ” just friends” to “special friends” , invite her to outings alone with you, try to know her likes and dislikes, her past and dreams, her problems and life. – this will give you a chance to see whether a guy like you will fit in her life style or not.

8. Plan ahead. What do you want your love story to be? You are the writer. When people ask where your first kiss was, you don’t want her to answer with the driveway or that you were drunk at a party.

9. Its very important in Indian love couples to know each others family backgrounds because as Chetan Bhagat says “marriages in India are first of both the families, both the relatives and then the girl and boy”.

10. Finally, be yourself. There won’t be much longevity if she’s fallen for a false persona, and why would you want that anyway? Go out and find the love of your life. ALL THE BEST !!

———– About the author: The article has been contributed by our intern,  Prashansa Ranjan. She is pursuing B.A. from Christ University, Bangalore. She is a firm believer of the gandhian qoute-” Be the change you want to see in the world”. She writes poems and articles in her free time, she believes that every woman should be equal to men in all respects. This equality can be achieved when we start from scratch; the process of restructuring the social mindsets.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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