10 things you should know about periods!

10 things you should know about periods!

There is logical and scientific reasoning behind each activity we do but now we leave the Periods when we hear this word what comes in mind??  Pain, blood stains, napkins, staying at home. Many get periods at the early age and they don’t know what changes they are undergoing??

  1. PERIODS: Getting periods simply can be explained as getting matured physically and mentally or your growing (i.e. hormones change) this occurs for all the girls from age 12 to 14. This includes menstrual cycle, growing of breasts, hair growth in under arm and private places. In simple words, these changes makes the ovary (eggs) break from their genitals and come as blood which is normal and healthy. Firstly, education and explanation about puberty should be given to girls so that they won’t get afraid or get stressed. This occurs every 28 days and stays up to 4 days. And married women after they get pregnant they don’t get it as these ovum get fertilized.

2. IN EARLY AGES DURING MENSTRUATION, WOMEN WERE NOT ALLOWED TO ANY WORK OR COOK ANY FOOD ITEMS: This seems very irritating for the present girls but our ancestors thought about the exhaustion and pain we undergo and this was told. These 4 days when we get periods is known for taking complete rest without doing any work or cooking etc.

3. At present we eat all JUNKY foods like pizza, burger etc but our ancestors told several items to have like:

  • You should have 2 teaspoons of oil every day early in the morning for getting strong hip bones which will be easy for us when we deliver babies.
  • Egg yolk and jaggery has to take twice a week which is enriched in calcium and minerals and strengthens our bone cavity. Jaggery cleans our food pipe, respiratory tract and takes all the dust from our body and it’s full of minerals to enrich our blood level.
  • Turmeric was applied and bathed while we attend periods in the early ages because of the anti –bacterial and anti fungal properties .This makes us hygiene and protects us from the infections etc.

4. DO NOT TAKE BATH IMMEDIATELY after eating as cold water activates certain chemicals in the body that rushes the blood to the skin to keep it warm and the digestion process takes a backseat and while periods taking head bath affects the whole human body system hence after 4 days take warm head bath with oil which cleans our body completely and keep our body healthy.

5. In early ages clothes used to remove the blood stains but now we use napkins which come in different brands. Choose a napkin which is soft and not itchy and change 2 to 3 napkins every day. Dispose it after wrapping it in paper and make sure you do not dispose it openly so that no animal like crow or dogs smell it or spill it out.

6. WEARING A LIGHT DRESS WHILE PERIOD?? NO SUCH RULES ARE THERE. There are no such rules like you cannot wear a light colored dress. Dark color clothes absorb more light during summer and warms us while winter so choose clothes according to seasons. Light  color clothes make us feel light while summer.

7. NEVER TAKE TABLETS WHILE PERIODS due to pain or cramps because it will make you get used to tablets which may because you pain at the time of delivery.

8. Have methi mixed with water which reduces the pain and makes our stomach cools. Have healthy foods and fruits while periods which increase the weight because you easily get tired while periods. Have plenty of water so that you don’t get dehydrated. Avoid pineapple and papaya while periods time because it will give you more pain.

9. Note down the period days in a calendar to check if you’re healthy, else go for a checkup because every month you get periods means you are healthy!

10. The last but not the least! Never do excessive physical activities while periods especially exercise, jogging, swimming etc as it might increase your pain. A bit of exercise is recommended by the doctor, but you better know what ‘a bit’ actually means?

Never hesitate to talk about periods to any one or explaining about this to any one nothing wrong in speaking about this. Your growing into a beautiful women be bold.  




About the Author: This article is contributed by Amritha Prem, our Intern. Amritha is a Bold, funny, loving and sweet girl who pursued her Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from M.N.M.J.E C, Affiliated in Chennai. She is an avid blogger, passionate about writing, loves reading books, art and craft, pets and cooking. She believes that women can excel even more and she believes in BE THE CHANGE!

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor