Words as sharp as swords couldn’t stop when she gave birth to a beautiful girl child!

If there is a next birth for you!

And if you are born as a baby boy child!

This word will have place for you!

Good bye; My darling! My love!


The volume increased along with her cry, when she fed her baby girl with the poisoned milk. Though her eyes told her not to do so, her hands didn’t stop. Her mind though about the torture she went through; the way her parents treated her as a curse to the family, when she was born to them; the way her granny neglected to take her in her hands just because she was a girl; the hatred that her society showed when she decided to go to school; the pain on her face when she was sexually abused by her uncle; the relief on her parents face when they got her married; the sarcastic smile on her in-law’s face which welcomed her dowry, than her, and now, the words as sharp as a sword thrown at her, when she gave birth to a beautiful girl child. All these thoughts volunteered to help her feed the baby with the poisoned milk, and her eyes couldn’t stop crying, though her hands tried to stop them flowing down. Female foeticide and infanticide, are the problem which are mistaken to be eradicated totally from this world. But, upon serious investigation, we could clearly figure out that most of the abortions happen in this world mainly because the child is a girl. This world wants a mother to care for them, a sister to love them, an aunt to encourage them, a wife to take care of their physical and sexual appetite and alas! They do not want a girl as a daughter, for she would become a curse to the family. The ways they choose to kill the child is even more gruesome. If they miss to abort the baby girl, they feed the new born baby with uncooked rice that the child would choke to death. They keep the baby alive in a mud pot and bury it under the Earth. Has this world become so deaf to hear the cry of such a tender voice, and has this world thought that this cry would not affect it anyhow? The blood of that child is on our head and each of us is responsible for that baby child’s death. Respect woman for who she is. She deserves it.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Sherly Hephzibah, our intern.

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