‘Women are more than just bodies”

Getting into the fashion industry is probably the dream of thousands of teenage girls in this world. They even go for it at a very young age. It is not the lucrative, glamorous career that is often times imagined by the young girls hoping to break into the fashion industry. The reality is much more outrageous beyond imagination.  It is not too hard to get the crown or become popular icon in fashion world. But the main problem lies in surviving in the glamour world. Wearing the crown on her head seems to be the best moment of any girl’s life but she doesn’t have any idea about what fashion industry has in store for her. Eating disorders, underage exploitation, drug use and unnecessary involvement of media in model’s personal life are just a few of the issues that the modeling industry has been grappling with for so many years.  I would like to suggest to the fashion industry and media that they should stop interfering into the personal life and stop humiliating any model to make their channel story spicy and interesting instead begin to give her respect, recognition she deserve for her struggle, beauty and her profession. Give her the privacy she deserves because she is also a girl who has a family and personal life.     — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Swati Agrawal.


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