Revealing 5 Menstruation-Friendly Products You Should Know About!

Pads are the most commonly used menstruation product and probably the only one most women have used. Pads are mostly plastic based, hazardous to environment and difficulties arise in its disposal. Using them causes general uncomfortability, restrictions in movement and if care is not taken can lead to Urinary Tract Infections and vaginal infections. It is also a continuous expense every month. It’s time that women get onto other revolutionary products that are much more convenient but then again they come with their own pros and cons. We are about to discuss some of the alternatives to pads. Feel free to choose the best for you!

1.Menstruation Cups: Like the name, they are shaped like cups with a small stem. Mostly silicone based, and can be reused multiple number and last for a longer time. They are very easy to put in and take out once you get your hands on it during the initial stage. The cup can collect the menstrual flow for upto 12 hours without any leakage or movement restrictions. After every use it must be boiled before the next use. The one downside is these cups comes at a higher price, but the fact that it can be used for a few years makes up for the high price. A lot of companies are making these cups and some of them are available online too.

2. Menstrual Disc: Discs are also used for collecting the flow for upto 12 hours. Comparing it’s capacity, it can collect as much blood as five tampons can, saving money and leading to less waste. But  the only disadvantage is that it sometimes there can be leakages and during removal, things can get a mess.

3. Menstrual Sponges: Sponges that occur naturally at ocean are treated to suit body conditions without adding any chemicals. Well, they are free of any chemicals and good at absorption of the flow. It also comes in natural shapes and can be shaped to a customized sponge. However the cleaning process can be a bit complex and people who choose to use them should have a proper understanding of how to use and clean these sponges.

4. Tampons: Tampons are used to absorb the flow for 6-8 hours but has wide cases of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). It’s made of rayon or a mix of rayon and cotton. Organic tampons are also available and are made of cotton and decreases TSS, but still one has to change them frequently.

5. Menstruation Thongs: This is just like an everyday underwear but with period proof technology. Even though it can hold upto 2 tampons’ capacity, it’s advised to wear extra pads during heavy flow days. It’s perfect during low flow days with no leakage and cozy. It’s reusable and one has to rinse before putting it in the washing machine. 





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Govind S. Kurup, our intern.

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