My PERIOD BLOOD disgusts you? Your OPINIONS disgust me.

Women are really strong creatures and it is an established fact by now. We literally are capable of making another human being from our own flesh and blood which is a proof enough of how strong and capable all of us are. And for those women who do have to go through the trauma that periods are, I am not trying to say that periods are the only thing that defines womanhood and how strong a woman is. But I would like to stick to the fact that most of us are blessed by God in the most painful manner. We bleed every month for about five days. Imagine the amount of blood loss and energy loss we go through. But the worst part about periods is PMSing. All the women out there are aware of the term PMS and men too! For those who still don’t know what it is…this article shall help in enlightening them. PMS stands for pre-menstrual syndrome and occurs in the week immediately before your periods. This syndrome is the worst part about having periods. PMS has all sorts on effect on your body from psychological to physical. Psychological effects of PMS include irritability, mood swings, losing your temper easily, loss of confidence, crying for no particular reason, aggression, poor concentration, tiredness. Imagine all of these things happening to you at one particular time of the month. It’s crazy because your mind is not in your control. This state of mind goes on to affect our personal arenas and everything around us suffer if not dealt with properly. And no amount of chocolate, wine or lipstick can help us get out of that psychic zone of ours unless this exhausting phase of menstruation is over. Now over that, we live in a country where we are treated like we are some demonic goddesses if we are on our period. We are not allowed to go to sacred places like temple. We are told that we are ‘impure’ during these days. Even taking tampons and carrying pads becomes a daunting task as it requires packaging them in a million wrappers to avoid anyone seeing them as we are carrying weapons of mass destruction. Lol! All this and the physical pain which includes bloating, acne, swollen ankles, stomach cramps and a perpetually tired body for straight five days, has to be gone through. It’s like everyone has been testing our patience. But it’s enough now! We shall respect ourselves for being biologically beautiful and not let anyone dictate how to live our lives in any manner. Recently, there has been a media buzz about pictures of a menstruating woman which was taken down from Instagram. This just shows how hypocrite our society is because a woman wearing lingerie is good and is treated as an apple for the eye but a menstruating woman is against Instagram’s community guidelines. This is insanely frustrating because this is basically violating our physical freedom by curbing down our routine activities because of an absolutely normal biological process. INSTAGRAM- Girl on period   girl on period removed from instagram   instagram-apologizes-censoring-menstruation On a serious note, this hypocrisy needs to stop immediately. We all must make the society aware that it’s not our natural processes that are disgusting, it’s their mentality.      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Rashmi Bagri, our intern.

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