In a relationship with a Sociopath!

who is a sociopath He might be the guy you love. He might be the guy in the white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. He might be the guy in the corporate suit. He might be the guy who is the reason for your miseries, for the numerous acts of assaults and sexual violence. This guy could just be a sociopath or psychopath! When we meet a person for the first time, we think of them as an extension of our own personality. We are charmed by this particular person’s personality; this person makes us feel like we have finally met our soul mate. This person makes us feel loved, cared and on top of the world. After a while when the job is done this very person deserts us and we feel used like an object. This is what defines a sociopath. When we picture a sociopath or a psychopath we think of them- thanks to the pop culture movies as cold blooded criminals, a certain freaks behaving awkwardly and out of balance. A sociopath in a real scenario looks and behaves entirely different.



A sociopath lacks remorse for their actions, empathy and have no regard for others emotions. They know how to manipulate and use people. To make them feel loved initially and once the jobs done get out of the relationship. A sociopath may not go the extent of a psychopath who seeks pleasure by killing others. That is what primarily differentiates a sociopath from a psychopath. The statistics show that about 1% of the population is sociopath but up to 25% in prisons are sociopaths found guilty of committing rapes, acts of violence and sexual assaults. The reason they enter into a relationship is not an emotional one but to merely dominate, manipulate and force the victim into doing what they want. To seek pleasure from others pain and it might not even be sex. The worst part about being with a sociopath is believing that one day they will change as most women tend to believe in a relationship. The fact is that you can never change a sociopath. For a sociopath the act of rape or sexual violence is not just about sex it lies in the pleasure that they get by dominating the victim. If you think that when they are convicted they feel sorry for what they have done, the reality is that they lack remorse for their actions and in fact tend to justify what they have done. Sociopaths feel that they are superior to others. They define their victims as worms who deserved what they got. It’s hard to differentiate a sociopath from a normal person unless you have spent an entire life with them. They are more like parasites. They depend on you for their work. They are charming, attractive and a certain ‘life of the party’. They know how to make others feel happy and to manipulate into doing what they want. When the relationship gets over we are left sulking for the betrayal. On the other hand, the sociopaths continue their search for their next victims. steve-jobs-sociopath If you are in a marriage or a relationship and going through all this and think the person is going to change one day, its time you stand up for yourself and take this parasite called sociopath/psychopath out of your life.          


About the Author: This article is contributed by Zuber Ahamed, our Intern.

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