9 things single girls hate hearing!

9 things single girls hate hearing!

Single Girls – a word coined to make the life of a girl more complicated and to gather more intruders in the world filled with serenity and happiness.

Being single is the best thing for any person at any point in time in life to get yourself free from the clutter and this world filled with humongous personalities .

Single Girls draw more attention for various reasons such as independence, self fulfillment, silence, internal bliss, creativity and most importantly being different from the huge set of audience out there to judge you in every possible manner.

Single Girls are beautiful, strong , independent and are no less in any way when compared other people in the society. But people are more interested and judgmental about being single due to the inherited traditional mindset and the pre-existing norms in the society and the single girls bare the brunt by facing and handling intrusive, offensive and filthy statements about their life and existence.

I would like to highlight a few statements which are very prominent in the society and are disturbing and question the existence of single girls.

1) You are too choosy and need to move with the society:
This is quite common in a world filled with diversities but following the crowd will not make you strong but will make you one among those who follows the herd happily without clarity of thought.

2) Lower your standards and learn to adjust:

Quite prominent to make the girl understand that she lacks the right to question and demand, be independent and nurture her own life as per her desire.

3) Learn to get over your desires and move on:

This defines the status of single girls as people feel them being single defines that they lack the opportunity to define themselves in this world be it career, household or anything under the earth.

4) Constant pressure to get married:
This is an ongoing mess in the predefined society set by the so called ideals as they feel a person if single is unworthy and not upto the stature of the household to follow the norms set by the society.

5) Take some time out to work on your self:
This line is the most common if you are single as this highlights the cons of being single. People feel working on your self is needed to get rid of the single status but ignore the fact that a girl takes the maximum time out to satisfy others rather than satisfying her wants.

6) Being single suits you better:

A statement meant to demean the single girls out there by stating that they are meant to be single and lack the skills and understanding of being acceptable in the society.

7) Learn to be happy with your self first:
A line which demarcates the single girls out there from others in the society on no grounds and reasoning. The societal norms need to pay importance to the happiness and self belief of single and independent women to bring about the change in the societal mindset and spread the message of a healthy living.

8) Follow the traditional norms and get along with the society:
A statement meant to only to single girls to get married so that they are not moving out of the pre-defined societal norms.The basic education which people need to have is that tradition, culture and values have nothing to do with being single and this change has to be brought out at the grassroot level.

9) You are the only person to be like this:

A statement which categorizes single girls from other people and this highlighted difference has nothing curbs your individual rights as an individual and makes your life messier and disturbing.

Thus a conclusive statement which the patriarchal and the matriarchal society needs to hear is to bring about demarcating change in the mindset of people , to pay equal importance to single girls or single people about their self will, independence, education and work life in order to lead a well balanced and healthy life.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shashwathi Srinivasa, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor