What Karate taught me??

Karate-Girl-2011-Movie-Image-2     The increasing number of crimes like eve-teasing, rape, murder, molestation has made our society unsafe for women. Each and every girl in the nation has suffered such harassing incidents in her life or is still going through.

 My college (SGGSCC) took an initiative in collaboration with ‘Bharat Vikas Parishad’ for promoting women empowerment and to help them face difficulties in their daily life. ‘Sashakt’ was the name of the campaign which was a training session of 7 days.
The very first day we were taught basics followed by warm up exercise by Shahid Sir. All the girls took part with full enthusiasm and zeal. Our session was totally based on KARATE, formed by two words ‘Kara’ meaning empty and ‘Te’ meaning hands, so Karate means empty hands. It was an interesting thing sir told us that each one of us knows karate without learning. The way we sit, stand, walk, sleep, there’s some action hidden behind these which we never even imagined.
Daily we were taught new techniques to protect ourselves. Various forms of attacks, punches etc. Like Lower punch, middle and upper punch. A few of them I will say here.
Before starting I just want to tell every girl that where ever you are going you should always be alert rather lost in your own world. I’m saying this for your benefit only. If someone is going to attack you then first of all you need to block his attack and then defense yourself by attacking back or punching anywhere. An interesting question was put up in the class that what if the attacker dies on the spot if we attack him back? To this the answer was your safety is more important than his. Isn’t it? Even if you are harming him physically you need to save yourself, protect yourself without worrying about him. Your main purpose is to release yourself not to beat him continuously. When you will attack him back he’ll feel the pain and then you have enough time to run away and don’t just go on attacking him.
Another thing, Sir told us that amazing blocks and punches are hidden behind the dance steps. If you know dance you can protect yourself easily. We were also taught how to protect when you are attacked by stick, knife, sword, rod or any other heavy material.
This is very important and useful too. The things every girl carries in her bag can also help with your safety. Basically what all things we carry are books, pen, ruler, hair comb, mobile, clip, Deo, home/Scooty/car keys. These things are very useful if you can make use of them perfectly. Like a rolling book or register and attacking on the head or anywhere..
If you are walking on the road then walk on the opposite side, basically wrong side. Yes for your safety as it would then be difficult for any vehicle like car to pull you in. Also it would be difficult for bikers to snatch away your mobile phones.
Just always be alert. Be confident. Don’t think that you are weak and the other person is strong. You should be confident enough to protect yourself as your life is very important. After all safety is in our hands. I would rather suggest or advice every girl to learn self defense. After this campaign I’m feeling energized, confident, strong and have boost up my morale.
To live is to help.

Thank You. ——- Swati Kashyap            

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