TOI Just Showed Us The Nastiest Way To Celebrate Women’s Day

TOI Just Showed Us The Nastiest Way To Celebrate Women’s Day

Just when we thought that we have had enough of female misogyny after derogatory statements of infamous lawyers ML Sharma and AP Singh in ‘India’s Daughter’ documentary, TOI came up with this implausible idea of humiliating women by making a joke on them regarding their supposed womanly activity of cleaning houses and places. Well the joke was, Why haven’t they sent a woman to the moon yet? Because it doesn’t need cleaning.


Having the urge to scrutinize this supremely ironical joke about sexism which came on International women’s day, I would like to say that TOI didn’t even check its basic general knowledge before printing this apparent “joke of the day”. Women, Indian women have been to the moon and back. I am sure all of us remember about Sunita Williams who went to the moon in 2007. But clearly, TOI doesn’t.

Anyway, if TOI doesn’t know about the basic GK, it is at least supposed to have that fundamental common sense about not dividing gender roles. The media, for once in a while has been supporting women throughout the world and TOI being a media member, a leading daily does not even possess that sense of awareness about what is happening in the world and it dared to come up with a joke like this. Now it being a leading newspaper, must have reached every nook and corner of our nation. This is what our children read, this is what our husbands, fathers, mothers, friends and the whole society reads.

This is the reason that even after so much struggle and sacrifices for attaining basic human rights in terms of honor, dignity and safety, we are still unsuccessful. We still have a long battle to fight and media is doing a lot to help us to get through it and win it. TOI just comes across as sheer disappointment in face of all media houses in the world. It has once again proved that there will always be idiots present in the world pretending to be deaf and blind and just expressing their filthy misogynistic thoughts in the face of freedom of speech.

It’s my humble request that TOI stops this reckless attitude towards women and concentrate on saving whatever iota of dignity it is left with after printing such shameless stories, jokes and remarks. Or otherwise, this request shall turn into an uproar and TOI will soon be facing the consequences of lacking the understanding regarding what women can and cannot do and for that how they need to be treated.      




About the Author: This article is contributed by Rashmi Bagri, our intern.


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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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