This Guy Eve-Teased A Girl Publicly & Challenged Her To File A Complaint.

The current cases of rape and molestation weren’t enough. Here is another one added to the list. For all those shameless perverts who think doing such crimes is an act of bravery, you guys deserve a shoe stamp right on your face, your body dig deep into sand and before that your dick being lacerated into pieces. My blood boils hearing such stories and all I wish is if I had the license to kill such people mercilessly or the law was powerful enough to scare these criminals to death! img   This guy riding a bike in Delhi, eve-teased a girl named Jasleen Kaur in Tilak Nagar on a traffic signal, publicly. The man who was on Royal Enfield (DL 4S CE 3623) passed obscene comments on Kaur at around 8PM on Sunday while onlookers paid a deaf ear. Ofcourse, there were people around watching the show & ofcourse, nobody uttered a word. What’s even more gruesome is that when the girl warned him against a complaint at the police station, he challenged her and even posed for a picture.  

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