People of today need an easy life without struggling!

Literally an easy and happy life – free from commitments and living as per one’s own wish, in short no one to control and to be controlled by. Especially women of today expect independence in all aspects.

Coming to marriage, it is of course a bonding of two souls. But looking at the other side, it is nothing but a contract for a life time. Like let us get together, share our expenses, raise kids and live together till the end. Either we may get bored or frustrated, we will be forced to stay in the relationship. Keep divorce on the other side, partition of kids and re marriage is an entirely different issue.


So what now? Live in relationship helps people. While giving independence and the power to opt out at any time women feel more comfortable there. Some take this as a stepping stone for marriage while others like just a time pass. On seeing the live in relationship from a third person’s point of view, there is a greater chance for the person to take it only in the negative aspect. Relations, friends and even family members make this a very serious issue. What does it really do to people, especially Women?

Psychologically speaking, it brings a lack of security. Placing entertainment and independence on one side and the insecurities on the other side, the latter usually wins. Though women, initially love excess freedom, they always need someone to stand by them. This can’t be expected in live in relationship. But doubtlessly, life can be enjoyed at it’s peak. No commitments, no heart breaks. Easy go women find pleasure and contentment in these relationships, while others don’t.

From the perspective of society,  true thought to be blurted out is, sexual liberation has increased much nowadays. Prime attraction for such relationships begin with sex. Nothing is positive here. Sexual attraction fades away after few months plus unwanted complication like pregnancy too arises. Thanks to the laws that has been framed, a bit relaxation is obtained. In short a not-so-good situation prevails.

In the modern view, a new term which relates this is friends with benefits. They can be friends, can fight, enjoy physical pleasures but never marry. So let us try for a justification. A girl befriends a boy, gets attracted and goes for a live in relationship. Being youngsters of today, nothing is wrong. Convincing people is a skill packed art, dropping it, it has been turning out to be adaptable. Despite marrying a wrong person and struggling for the entire life time, a small formal relationship does the needed.

Right on, from personal view it is both good and bad. May be like understanding completely is positive while often, dissatisfaction may lead to frequent change of partners. Ability to adjust and adapt becomes considerably less and women often get frustrated and their image gets just like that ‘ slutty’. Whereas in case of marriage, at least people may stand to support her.

To conclude with, there are still many underlying myths about live in. An effective solution for women may be like ‘ Distance yourself from everything, the society, your friends and the entire world’ and listen to what your heart blurts out. Do what you want but think about the society and family too. Find the right guy and fall for him, for then, now and forever.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Aditi Nathour intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor