Let Live the Baby Girl

Let Live the Baby Girl


Unaware of the impending doom,

A little angel went to her mother;

Ecstatic to see the world after nine months,

She did not know a different fate awaited her.


Her father and grandmother denied

And her helpless mother only cried.

Finding her to be a baby girl;

Aborted when in her mother’s womb,

Was this enough reason for not letting her survive?


Dear mother why didn’t you protect me, she screamed;

Would I have been such a great burden on father?

Abandoned me without seeing;

Shall I call it a murder rather?


It wasn’t girls who started dowry.

It wasn’t us who made ourselves vulnerable to crime.

It was some ruthless men, culture and time;

That forced us to be the silent victims.


Mother didn’t raise a single voice, she cried.

Was my arrival such a woeful act?

Almighty God; told her women and girl are bounded;

She affirmed she could see the fact.


From heavens, she saw another baby girl in mother’s arms.

She cried for not getting that chance;

But she now knew the bitter truth,

Her mother didn’t have that choice.

Women are killed, suppressed, not allowed to raise their voice.


For months she didn’t lie at peace,

Then one day her restlessness ceased.

She saw a baby boy being rejoiced in her family!

She said this little prayer, just before her soul was dead.


Love you father; Love you mother.

I would be fine, please don’t bother.

I forgive you for not being mine.

I lay in peace with a hope;

One day every girl would play in her mother’s lap.

I hope one day men would stop this ruthless killing.

Cause we the girls are worth living!!

    ———— Anonymous

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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