Kudos to Esha Gupta for rejecting a fairness product campaign!

While we have been promoting dark is beautiful since long, we are still sticking to our idea of beauty. But the world believes is stay fair, stay beautiful. What is even more disheartening is that the Bollywood celebrities worship the idea of fairness and promote the use of fairness products and other cosmetics and our audience gets wooed by them. While Kangana Ranaut has in the recent past come out and dissed fairness cream advertisements, there’s still a whole bunch of Bollywood A-listers who relentlessly endorse the idea of equating fairer skin complexion with beauty. esha_gupta In an incredible move, model turned actress Esha Gupta has turned down an offer for endorsing a fairness product despite being offered a big amount. This is what she said: celebrity-esha gupta A big thumbs up to Esha Gupta for her fantastic and inspiring move!

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