Is your Campus safe enough?

du   It was around 7 P.M and was about the end of my final Year when I was sitting with one of my Friend at DU metro station. A gal was standing there. She was waiting for the bus. We saw some boys were coming to the bus stand. They were abusing each other and were laughing as if it’s a matter of pride. They stood near to the gal and passed few lewd comments. She ignored once but it seemed as it was the motivation factor for them and they started passing more lewd remarks. I know those who are Delhiites must have seen such activities in or around their society. We felt really bad and were thinking as how to help that gal and suddenly I realized that I saw a PCR near on the road next to us. We moved their and told the Cops about the Incident. They were very approachable and agreed to help that gal out. They moved their PCR there and after seeing PCR coming, all the boys flew away. That gal boarded the Bus and moved away from the metro station. I hope she have never faced the same situation again in her life. Most people afraid to approach the COPS and hence the things turn ugly sometimes. Be a responsible citizen and help Gals. It might be the turn of our own Relatives, who knows. So better to Fight against such Rowdies and live in a better and peaceful civilized World. India is a Democratic Country but don’t take everything for granted and Respect Women because they are the Creator as well as the Destroyer.   ——- Tarun  

Respect Women

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