How Henna Heals help Cancer Patients to cope up with their hair loss?

The Battle of CANCER is not just tough, but every moment you spend is breath taking. I know my closest relatives who have suffered from Cancer/Tumor. My Nani, Ganny, Grandpaa were all the Cancer victims. Although my Grandpaa & Nani passed away dealing with this disease, my Granny managed to escape so strongly. She was at her early stages of Tumor when we came to know about it. We were loosing hopes every second, gaining it the other second. The doctors weren’t sure, medicines were high, diet was next to nothing and the operation was horrendous. But my Strong Granny managed to strongly escape the disease and get back to us. I am so proud of her! CHEMO Radiation therapies and medication are the only known cures for cancer. Losing hair and strength in the process is what every cancer patient has to battle. In this journey of dealing with losing hair, an organisation called Henna Heals has blended art and tradition to make henna crowns for such patients. This group is managed by five volunteers in Canada who create temporary henna tattoos with beautiful patterns for women who have lost their hair due to therapy. Floral patterns, religious symbols, and positive messages are a great way to make these women feel better about themselves, according to this group. Henna Heals claims to use the best quality, all natural ingredients in their henna paste. henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-2 henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-4 henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-7 henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-13 henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-15 henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-16   henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-14              


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ishita kapoor. Ishita sees her passion in writing and hopes to change the world by not only giving them their piece of mind, but also receiving their opinion and then judging what’s correct. She is also the Co – founder of Respect Women and an initiator in making people get their voices heard.

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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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