Are IIT girls afraid of dark circles?

Are IIT girls afraid of dark circles?

A typical start to a typical day in a typical iit girl’s life :

Class at 9.
Alarm rings 8:30. Snooze.
8:45. Snooze.
8:55 – jump out of the bed, pull on the last night’s tshirt, put on slippers, some of us grab the toothbrush and bother to brush, the rest rush to the mess for that glass of milk and two slices of raw white bread and watery jam and then jog to the class.

Classes cannot be missed at any cost. The notorious reputation that we have for attending lectures, has a reason, what do you do alone in a hostel of 101 odd girls, when everyone is out there, sitting on the first or the last bench and taking notes, alike? We do not have lan gaming : dota, aoe, counter-strike. We do not play corridor football or cricket. We do not watch group porn. And certainly we derive no pleasure in dressing up each other or ourselves, for that fact.

Come morning and an entire herd of the world’s most un-pretty girls march to their classes religiously, dressed in the most awful clothes, smelling not like lavender, but of a hundred different odours, most have their spectacles on, others are just hung over from the last night’s out where they were high on the enthusiasm to do something for their very glorious hostels.


Do iit girls carry combs in their bags? – No.
Lip gloss ? – No.
Books – Yes
Reports? – Yes
Money? – Yes
Water-bottle ? – Yes
Kajal/ Mascara/ foundation? – are you kidding me?

Most of us wear bras and some don’t, for them it doesn’t matter anyway. Some even go to the extent of wearing slips on their bras, i wonder what youthful body are they trying to hide.

Does every girl have a little black dress? – Are you kidding me?
Does every girl have a nail polish remover? – Nail polish?
How often do they go for manicures/pedicures/face cleansing? – ha


Given that our mornings do not begin with the facewash and the nights do not end with moisturising our bodies, and that the entire day goes without us rushing to the washroom to comb our hair, or re-apply make-up, i often wonder, what is it that we end up doing in our free time?

Between rushing to classes and the completion of reports, do we indulge in intellectual talks, dressed in our lab coats do we carry out research that will change the world, are we the TBBT’s Leslies??? Do we heat our noodles with a EM laser( or whatever)??

Parlours and boys do not consume our time. Split hair and spilled coffee do not bother us. That pimple we can put up with, the assignment deadline we cannot. The sun tan is fine, as long as we make it to the lab on time. Middle age belly, blame the butter in the mess, but we console ourselves with the frequent walks to the institute. Kajal we do not know and waxing we have never heard of, so do you think we are really afraid of the dark circles?


SOURCE: IITandtheWorld

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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