Gender violence: Is India breaking its silence on it?

Increasing number of gender crimes have forced ordinary citizens to take the matters in their own hands, by working solely in this field or setting up organizations. This article will elaborate further on the various initiatives which are creating an impact on our society. Sarang Gupta, 18 years, with the help of his eight friends and 60 odd volunteers, organized Shakti, a run for women’s safety in his area, Noida. This run was started to create awareness and raise funds for this cause. Initially his parents were not in favour of him doing social work but eventually they agreed to help him out. The event was a very successful one and witnessed a turnover of nearly 300 people. Another very famous initiative is the SafeCity initiative, launched by ‘Jagori’ a Delhi-based women’s resource centre. This centre believes that community organization is the key to preventing any sort of gender violence and improving public safety. This centre realises the fact that women are slowly gaining confidence to stand up for their rights. And that is why they need encouragement to continue to strive for their rights. women against violence ‘ComMutiny – The Youth Collective’ is another organization which has taken upon itself the challenge to motivate young people as it believes that only young people can bring about social change. Must Bol Campaign is one such other initiative taken up by the members of the youth collective and has its headquarters in New Delhi. Under Must Bol Campaign, a number of students have been trained to make short films around the topic of gender violence. Theatre is another form of activity that a number of social organizations have chosen to spread awareness on the issue of gender violence. ASMITA is one such Delhi-based theatre group which believes that theatre still remains the most powerful means of sensitizing people regarding societal evils. The organization has produced multiple meaningful plays on gender violence, with the aim of spreading awareness on women safety. Their street play ‘Dastak’ has apparently even left its spectators in tears multiple times. stop crimes on women ‘Kid Powered Media’ is another well-known NGO which uses interactive media programs to educate children on various societal issues like access to education, child rights etc. Thus, it is clear that a number of organizations have surfaced which are encouraging the community to stand up for women safety. Through a number of mediums like drama, campaigns, short films or marathons, they have undertaken an uphill task which does not seem to be impossible any more.       ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Sayesha Bhattacharya.

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