Five Basic Women Rights

Five Basic Women Rights

Around the world, Women’s Rights are an important indicator for understanding the global well-being. It is also an important issue across the world. While most of us have been giving importance to Human Rights, many of us forget that Women are Humans! The British suffragist and Journalist Rebecca West rightly said- “Feminism is the radical notion that Women are people”. Despite several issues being raised and solved, women are still fighting for their Rights! We need to realize how important are ‘Women’s Rights’ and so every female should know about the rights she deserves. These rights are granted to her by the Constitution equally as it has been granted to the men. Here is a brief tour of the 5 basic fundamental rights of women:-

1)   RIGHT TO EDUCATION:  A girl child is usually discriminated against the right to education. She is not allowed to work and thus is denied knowledge and skills. In 1994, the Government of India passed a universal female education bill that offers parents incentives for access and punishment for keeping a girl out of school.

Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation

2)   RIGHT TO FREEDOM:  Every women has a right to freedom this includes freedom of speech, expression, residence, occupation etc.

3)    RIGHT AGAINST EXPLOITATION:  Right against exploitation, states the ‘eradication of human trafficking and forced labor (beggar)’. Article 23 declares slave trade, prostitution and human trafficking as a punishable offence.

4)    RIGHT TO EQUALITY:  Right to equality grants equal rights of opportunity to both the genders, equality before law, equality of the laws and not discriminating on the grounds of sex.What say about equal pay?

5)    RIGHT TO CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDIES:  Right to constitutional remedies includes approaching courts for against violation of fundamental rights.

Awareness on Woman Rights: International and Indian Perspective

The fundamental rights are very essential for women. The Fundamental Rights in the Indian independence Movement strove to achieve the values of liberty and social welfare as the goals of an independent Indian woman. The development of constitutional rights in India was inspired by historical documents.These are rights revised so that women can get more rights for their justice. There are many other rights such as right to property, right to religion and right to live! And it should be clear that these laws are for the country people, they are as much for women, as they are for men.

———— About the Author: This article has been contributed by Erika Nandwani, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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