Enn Kural—The Mantra Of Respect Women

Enn Kural—The Mantra Of Respect Women

There should be as many voices in this world as there are people on this planet. Yes, the estimated number of voices exists but not all voices are heard. There is a distinctive kind of voice in this populace which is universally hushed up and denied audibility—the voice of half the population, the voice of the suppressed or the voice of the womenfolk. Fearing their rise to eminence, this voice had always been silenced and pushed to the recess for centuries. Having been mercilessly muted they had been represented as the voiceless creatures and had been trampled down by the other half of the humanity. However, times are changing, people are evolving and women are discovering the voice that is deep inside them. Women have realized the need to raise their voice and to make themselves audible. They have understood the fact that their voice matters and that their voice can make a big difference for their own selves as well as for the liberation and empowerment of the entire women community. To put it straight, they have started to believe in the power of Enn Kural (My Voice), which is the quintessential mantra of Respect Women.

Women empowerment has always been the pivotal concern of Respect Women. Respect Women strongly believes and recommends ‘your voice’ as the means to achieve that lofty goal and it motivates every man to ‘get the guts’ to respect women and every woman to ‘get the guts’ to speak out and stand up for herself. It has given an exclusive opportunity to many modern women, across the length and breadth of our country, to vocalize themselves. It has liberated the young minds from their stereotyped perceptions of the women community. It has constantly put in its utmost dedication to ensure gender equality. It strives hard to root out the sexist thoughts that had obliviously penetrated into our minds, irrespective of our genders.

The brain behind such a lofty initiative, the Co-Founder of Respect Women, Ishita Kapoor has invested her dedication and determination in it. I grabbed the chance to catch her up for an interview amidst her round-the-clock schedule.

Me: What spurred you to initiate Respect Women?

Ishita: I just decided to make a change in my life and in everyone’s life because I realized what it feels to be teased on the roads, to not wear the clothes of one’s choice and not be independent just because I’m a girl. I can feel it all the time, every second. As soon as I realized how guys treat girls I wanted to bring a change for every woman who faces these situations. All these hit my head so hard that I became a feminist.

Me: What is Respect Women’s aspiration?

Ishita: With Respect Women I just want to bring a change in the people’s mindset. I just want Respect Women to inspire every man and woman to be good and to treat each other equally.

Me: What keeps you motivated towards your goal?

Ishita: I take it as a challenge. Every guy I see on the road, who is teasing me or any other girl, makes me even stronger and closer to my goal. I feel if I cannot teach every male chauvinist a lesson I cannot face myself in the mirror. I just don’t want my daughter to see the world like it is now.

Me: Which is the most special moment for Respect Women so far?

Ishita: Eve Ensler’s and Kamal Bhasin’s thought-provoking interviews are very special.

Me: What is your view on Enn Kural?

Ishita: Enn Kural is the mantra of Respect Women. Every woman’s voice is very precious to us. Arulselvi Arunachalam, a like-minded feminist is much into the cause of women empowerment and together we celebrate Enn Kural.

So, why are you waiting? Don’t you hear that inner voice prompting you to ‘get the guts’ to speak up? Haven’t you ever wondered ‘why am I not given the perks that my brother enjoys?’, haven’t you ever felt ‘why do the people remind me often that I’m a girl?’, haven’t you ever wished ‘why I couldn’t teach a lesson to the male-chauvinists?’, haven’t you ever cried ‘why should I face this just because I’m a girl?’, haven’t you ever irked ‘why am I treated like an object?’, haven’t you ever pondered ‘why is my body and my clothes others’ business?, haven’t you been clueless ‘why I’m not treated as a human being like men?”, haven’t you thought, ‘why my consent is not considered?’ and haven’t you asked yourself ‘why am I silenced? Don’t silence that feminist inside you. Speak Up!

Each voice counts because it adds a gossamer thread to the web of women empowerment; each of your voice will add a filament to this web and strengthen its purpose. You have the voice and Respect Women has the platform for you! What could be a better combination for making your voices audible than this?! Come on, register your voices! Respect Women will make it heard! Each voice is very special to our common goal of women empowerment. Your voice is not just going to stand up for your liberation but it is going to speak out for our entire women community. Throw away those inhibitions and ‘get the guts’ to register your voices. Heard voices (of men) are strong, muted voices (of women) are the strongest! Let’s prove its strength by registering Enn Kural! Enn Kural! Say it loud with Ishita Kapoor and Arulselvi Arunachalam! Speak up with Respect Women and Women Empowerment!    


About the Author: This article is contributed by Gayathri DeviGayathri has completed her M.Phil. in English Literature from Tamilnadu. Literature instilled her in the thoughts of feminism. And gradually, she was attracted towards this concept and she says it has changed many of her perspectives towards our community & that is how she landed to Respect Women.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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