Don’t underestimate the power of women!

Don’t underestimate the power of women!

A woman is extremely competitive in every field of life. She has proved herself that she is no less than men.Though there are many things that only women can do but I would like to quote few of them:

1. Sacrificing at every point of time as a daughter for her family, as a sister for her brother, as a wife for her husband and the most precious one is as a mother for her child.

2. Scientist found that women are better at multi- tasking. Whether it is about handling pressure at work or at home women are better. Handling her child, work pressure, household chores all at a time is not a cup of tea for men.

3. Dealing with the humiliation from society and being strong enough to prove herself repeatedly in amidst of all challenges is another trait that makes her unique.

4. Going through every pain with a smile on her face whether it’s about giving birth to a child or menstruation or wearing high heels or putting hot wax on her body is her style of living the life.

5. There is nothing which only men can do but there are various things which men cannot do.

6. She has the power to spread happiness throughout the world only with a smile on her face.

7. She can wear men’s clothes but men can’t wear women clothes. (Imagine a guy wearing skirt!!)

8. She does everything both from soul and mind unlike men who only think of handling everything logically rather than whole- heartedly.

9. She can dance madly and beautifully wearing high heels.

10. She can impress and attract anyone with her kind and loving words. So learn to respect her because she is better than you and you can’t compete with her. Figure out infinite qualities she possess and love her just the way she is. Find the innocence in her beautiful eyes rather than makeup on her face. Stop taking advantage of her body and start giving her atleast love and respect which she deserve in return of everything she gives you. She doesn’t need to define her worth instead men should be grateful to her and tell her how worthy and beautiful she is. “Women are angel on earth sent by god wearing a necklace of love and sacrifice”

          === About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Swati Agrawal.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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