Dear feminists, stop complaining about…

Dear feminists, stop complaining about…

My dear gentle friends, you deserve a big shout out for being a feminist (this includes men too, of course).  This post is meant to acknowledge you, show my love and care for you, but hold on! Here are a few things you need to stop whinging about: Please don’t forget that I really love you for the hidden feminist in you but it’s time to bring that out. Mwah!

Here you go –

1. Liking rough sex: I am not favoring the concept of 50 shades of gray. That was pure objectification of women, according to me. But there is nothing wrong with a girl liking rough sex. Like when your guy takes control over you after your consent and fucks you really hard, till you say ‘STOP’. Well, I am neither a feminazi nor am I setting any women empowerment movement since 20 years but hey, you should consider this. If a guy can enjoy rough sex, so can a woman. Get over it!

2. The so-called disparity in the pay gap: I haven’t experienced it or heard women around me say that a man gets highly paid for the same work that she does with the same skill and potential. Really! I won’t believe in it till I hear it and see it.

3. Men’s Rights Activists/ supporters: Bashing men who support men’s rights ain’t any feminism. You need to remind yourself: ‘Feminism is about equal rights.’ If you do not support equal rights, don’t brag yourself to be a feminist.

4. Slut-shaming: If a guy flirts, we call him a stud and if a girl flirts, we call her a slut. And ladies and gentlemen, the problem lies within all of us who call woman a slut without knowing what it means. But you feminists, stop exaggerating things and calling a non-relative conversation as slut-shaming.

5. Privilege: You must stop grumbling about the privileges you wish to get as a woman like breaking queues, extra discounts, somebody opening the car gate for you; it just won’t do! Remember as you said, ‘You are a feminist. Equal rights for all, sweety!

6. Women criticizing other women: Ever experienced middle-aged or old aunty’s coming up to you and saying, ‘You are a woman, behave like one’? This is gross! Aunties, please stop it, right away! Also, stop saying that you favor women if you don’t! In a world where feminism has become a fashion, everybody wants to be in the front row. We understand your lust for being in the limelight but non-logic is very annoying. Stop doing that & stop thrashing the image of a real feminist who is here to make this world a better place.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ishita Kapoor. Ishita sees her passion in writing and hopes to change the world by not only giving them their piece of mind, but also receiving their opinion and then judging what’s correct. She is also the co – founder of Respect Women and an initiator in making people get their voices heard.


Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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