Body shaming: Why not to give a fuck to what people think?

When I walk down the road ‘I’ have all the eyes at me, not because’ I’ am a princess or a celebrity but because ‘I’ am a contradiction to what an ideal lady must look like according to our society. ‘I’ am a fat/thin, masculine, shy, rude, impulsive, loud girl who is ready to live her life on her own terms and who do not care whether she fits in the customized notion of the society or not. Amidst the people who declare to keep off others but without a hitch comment on a stranger ‘I’ dare to step out with the body I have and how beautifully I carry it. ‘I’ am a fearless girl who stopped caring about the world a long time back and the only one ‘I’ care about now is no one but me. gaga-fuck ‘I’ is an inspiration for all the girls who think that being fat or being thin is a shortcoming, for the girls who hesitate from doing things they love, for those who shy away from the selfish society they live in, for girls who regard themselves to be less pretty than others. ‘I’ sets an example for all the girls who are still unaware of the beauty they possess and what goodness they can shower and for the girls who live in a mirage that they aren’t good enough for this world. For all the girls who feel dejected by the way they look……….. Each one of you possesses some uniqueness and when you try to change yourselves you lose your originality. So why change yourselves and add to the ordinaries. Let us be loud and boisterous, free and rebellious, silly and kind the world will always have something to say but let us first care about what we think of ourselves. Let yourself enjoy each day of the year and embrace your true self without caring about the society and the norms.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Jas, our intern.

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