”Are you a real man?”

”Are you a real man?”

Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice -Vin Diesel If given a choice to be a gentleman, how many of them opt to be a real man? Are you one among them? Real men are the need of the hour. Do you want to volunteer and take up that choice to be a real man? Then here are a few basic eligibility criteria which needs to be fulfilled to make you a real man. You can check yourself with reference to the following standards and decide or derive to a conclusion.

1.Real men respect women: Real men treat women with dignity. They know the value of women in their life and they treat them in the most honorable way possible. They never abuse or violate women.

2.Real men share domestic chores: Real men never hesitate to take part in domestic chores. They know that these chores are a part of survival skills and basic needs and they take up the task without any inhibitions.

3.Real men protect women from brutal men: A real man can never withstand injustice done to any woman. He would courageously stand up for any woman he sees in danger and distress (even if she is a stranger to him). He never stands as a dumb witness when a woman is being abused. He uses his macho to protect her and never to subjugate her.

4.Real men are against sexism: A real man never distinguishes between genders. To him all are equal and all deserve the right to be treated equally. He is a typical egalitarian.

5.Real men are loyal: A real man always remains loyal to the woman of his life. He never seeks other women. His loyalty to is lady love matters the most to him.

With all that said, have you measured yourself with the eligibility scale and got the answer to the question? Are you fit enough to be called a “Real Man”? Hope and wish it is a YES.

About the Author: This article is contributed by Gayathri DeviGayathri has completed her M.Phil. in English Literature from Tamilnadu. Literature instilled her in the thoughts of feminism. And gradually, she was attracted towards this concept and she says it has changed many of her perspectives towards our community & that is how she landed to Respect Women.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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