Are Marriages really made in heaven?

Are Marriages really made in heaven?

There’s a beautiful saying that is” MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN.” In our society, Marriage is not just about bringing two people together but it is termed as unifying two souls with a matrimonial bond. It is traditionally referred as ‘saat janmon ka sath’, ‘way to glorify God’, ‘a sacred bond’ and what not. If this ‘marriage’ or ’union of two souls’ is made in heaven, then from where does separation originates ??

Is it a man-made concept? Or Does God provide you with better options after you marry?

MARITAL SEPARATION – Simply it means parting away from one’s partner and responsibilities which is also known as divorce. Not every couple who leads an unsuccessful marriage opts for divorce. Most of the couples accept it as their fate and blame each other for the rest of their lives. Men don’t fear divorce as much as women. A woman is the creator of society and ironically she is the bearer too. A woman is always considered weak. Opting for divorce is considered as equivalent to widowhood. The society shuns them after they seek divorce. But does society care for the woman who is already leading a miserable life?


  •   FEAR OF SOCIETY: No matter if the woman is a sincere and dedicated wife to her husband; the society will always try to find faults in her.
  • RESPONSIBILITY OF CHILDREN: A mother wouldn’t take any step to harm her children. Women who possess children can’t leave them alone. They make a bigger sacrifice and compromise their lives for the sake of their children.
  • NO SELF-RELIABILITY: A large amount of female population in India is non-working. They are dependent mentally and financially on their spouses. Indian women puts her husband at par with God. So, it becomes harder for them to sustain on their own.
  •  ACCEPTING THE FATE: A woman accepts her fate as if she was destined to live that way only. They think of their misery and cry each night.



  •   CONSTANT QUARRELS: Dissatisfaction and disappointments lead to constant quarrels between husband and wife. They burst out their frustration endlessly and it goes on like this.
  •   DEPRESSION: Most of the women undergo depression in such circumstances. They aren’t able to fight with the problem. They give up eventually and become hopeless. And it’s a stage where man tries to impose because now he becomes aware that he has shattered her and she will do whatever he asks for.
  •   DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The most important of all is domestic violence. Man starts treating her wife as a slave. It’s not just the woman but the whole family who suffers as everyone gets gloomy in such horrid atmosphere. A woman who can’t bear all this tries to commit suicide thinking it as the only solution of their suffering while others who bear this become so patient that they bear it for the rest of their life. There is a daring woman too who tries to fight back. No matter how hardly she gets beaten, still she stands and helps herself.
  •   GLOOMY HOME: A home becomes home when people residing in that place are cheerful and happy. Children become the victim of such a situation. They are always neglected and as a result it widens the gap between them and the parents.

REMEDY- Always remember that you have a solution to every problem. Society talks and then forgets but it’s you who suffer the most. Your decision decides your happiness so one must be very rational while taking such tough decisions.


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Vandana Chawla.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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