An open letter to every Indian uncle with a daughter

An open letter to every Indian uncle with a daughter

Dear Uncles,

I hope this letter finds you in the bestest of your mood and health. I need all your patience as I tell you certain things that you need to know for the sake of your lovely daughter. It actually is an open letter by every women to all the people in the Indian society without regarding their gender to empower women in every possible way, to speak out, defend and fight out and to get the women freed from the shackles of those families trying to bind their women.

Remember she is a gift, welcome and treat a girl child with due respect she deserves for being part of God’s innumerable creations, empowered with the shakti of ’Maa Durga’, unchain her to use this power of creation, destruction of evil over the righteous and  make sure that she leads her life in dignity.

I would like to state that a girl child should be empowered right from the day she is born as her life is prone to  the social torture viz family and trespassers accusing her since her birth and questioning her individuality, growth and chastity. Empowerment and proper education of the parents of girl child is extremely important so that they don’t fall prey to committing or witnessing unlawful acts on women (including mother’s, wives and daughters) due to peer or societal pressure, male domination and personal grudge encountered from family ties.

A woman is free  and needs to be empowered to have a healthy mental and physical growth in a safe and educated family in this so called sanskari society which exploits women in all forms. She needs to be empowered so that she is respected for all her right actions, defend herself in times of danger, to possess a respectable personality unbarring her culture, clothing, education, work and for being herself.

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A women has all the rights as a daughter, wife and a woman of this country to empower herself with education, work, choice to marry/remarry, option to give birth or not, self defense techniques or training for fighting out all the wrongdoings or mishaps entitled from a male chauvinistic society which has been unfortunately tied to her from the time  of her birth in all unknown and known means by this Indian community. Societal, family or peer pressure on a woman to fulfill the intentions of the unworthy family or peer group should be strongly fought out so that her life is not subjugated to illegal and cruel acts of the society like eve teasing, rape, molestation, early, forced marriage and childbirth, portrayal of a women/family as a social outcast in the society for fulfilling the concealed unlawful intentions of the male peer group or families should be subjudiced under the Indian law. Uncle, please teach her to be independent not just financially, but to fight out for all the unlawful acts predefined for her in all corners of life through unprecedented activities planned out on her not just  pertaining to self and other  women.

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The male chauvinistic society, supporting Indian families and youth need to be educated on ‘Respecting Women in all possible ways’. Instead of restricting her, stop a man from commenting on her clothes or her choice of work and education, her thought process, culture and family values because they are very well imbibed in her for all the rightful activities done by her all throughout her life as a mother, daughter, wife and as a young responsible girl.

All the wrongful and unworthy activities of a man/women on a woman should be subjected for punishable action under the court of law. Uncle, do lend your voice to empower a women to get legal education for protecting herself and to fight out in the court of law with all dignity and justice. Empower your girl to wear clothes of her choice with a healthy mind and soul.

Enable her to educate people on the same and treat her with virtue, respect and at par with a man in all walks of life. Don’t forget that a woman has to be empowered with all the self defense tips and tricks to protect herself from the male society, or a group targeting a girl, as in cases of molestation, rape, sexual assault happening during night out’s, friend’s meet up party for unknown reasons, rivalry, lack of sex education and undeveloped minds attempting a crime unknown to them. Teach your girl not to hide her face when faced with unprecedented/planned /unclaimed/unrecognized acts  of molestation, rape, sexual assault and eve teasing.

Make her strong enough to face this world with all dignity and pride to fight out legally explaining all the grave errors and circumstances circumscribed on her without her fault.  Empower a girl to be a  ‘NIRBHAYA’, teach her to stay confident, righteous with her head held high all throughout her life irrespective of her clothing, character, culture, choice of work and let her break all the shackles that bind her to the society.

I would like to send out a message to all the Indian parents “Do not force and brand your girl with kitchen chores which are being tied to her from the time of birth. She is not a manufacturing factory; Instead help her carve out a character, personality and a future for innumerable opportunities as she is the best multi-tasker for herself and all individuals.”    




About the Author: This article is contributed by Shaswathi, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor