Abuse Free Life for Women – Can This Ever Happen?

Abuse Free Life for Women – Can This Ever Happen?

Physically, mentally as well as psychologically abuse affects everyone!

Stamping out the physical abuse, online abuse has becoming common and terrible nowadays. Words like ‘fucking slut’ and ‘cunt’ are being frequently used so commonly, majorly in the online world of today.


How does this abuse start? Primary reason is girls being hated and considered as ‘the weaker sex’. So people take them for granted and abusing them. Another reason is people say it just for fun. Yes, here are some people who exist for doing unwanted stuff for entertainment. Facebook, Twitter and such social media platforms pave way for such abuse with no one to question the concerned party except the affected girl. In worst cases, even the girl is unaware of the happenings. 

How it occurs?

Commenting on photos unnecessarily and deliberately creating fake accounts for this purpose is in a high trend today. Choosing a particular girl and trolling her is another horrible way. Like if they don’t want to abuse her physically and get stuck in any issues, they use this smart tactic. Finding such culprits midst the huge number of people is really tough to do. When finding wrong routes are simple, abusing people is not a hard task too.

A common term in our society is, ‘Girls need to be more cautious, their dressing style should be changed, they shouldn’t have friends in guys….and so on. But why blame girls for mistakes of other people? A simple yet complicated question is’ Do abusers spare the girls who dress perfectly and have a typical traditional attitude? No! 

People who give advice never help girls in case of a problem, but they are great orators of course. People give guidance, critics and back stage comments too. But none supports the victim, they abuse her psychologically too.

Practically speaking, as long as abusers exist there is no measure of preventing such tortures. But safeguarding ourselves is mandatory, of course. Leaving behind the old methods like  hiding oneself from the online world and being scared to tell the issue, in fact depicts the weakness of victim. Instead by being a bit brave like getting the help of some trust worthy friends and lodging a complaint, there are chances that the culprit may get alert and learn to mend his ways. Saddening fact is that not only men but certain women do indulge in such activities bringing a disgrace.

And some other simple methods like avoiding personal talks with unknown people( Though old, we tend to forget it often) and by modifying the privacy settings for posting our own pictures, we may feel safe. And in case of finding a person with wrong intention or suspecting him/her with a wrong background, the best way is to stay away from them. Officially as well as personally, a dark circle ought to be drawn around us. Some call it privacy while the rest call it restriction.

From the street we walk to the flight we travel, danger exists all around the world and so do dangerous people. Philosophies and boredom talks are inevitable. The path we walk may not have budding flowers. Sometimes it may have piercing thorns and rough sand too. How we walk never matters. But how we safeguard and protect ourselves despite the struggles matter more.

Hoping for an abuse free life in the near future….




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Aditi Nathour intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor