PREREQUISITE INFORMATION: – Because I am a woman of strong beliefs and no one can challenge that…. (I am a modern, self-sufficient, educated, independent woman who does not and cannot live on the teachings of the old school); I, in this letter unabashedly speak out to the world, about what I am and what WE are – the women of today, the solid, firm, feminists who know what is fair and what’s not and are daring enough to put up a fight against every injustice and cruelty you pour out to them. As a woman I write this hypothetical letter to all the men out there, who are products of patriarchy, preaching and practising it. To make it clear, this one you will read at your own risk. Yes, you may feel an element of misandry in the following piece, but that is only for the specific type of men addressed here. I know women too play a vital role in positioning themselves where they are and they will as well hear from me soon.


Dear Men, I am intrigued by the constant remarks, gestures and actions made and taken by you towards me. I, a representative of womanhood thereby decided to write you this letter to bring to your notice some novelty ideologies that are a necessity in the modern world. You men need a reality check and here it is. Starting, I will first like to inform you about your flawed ideas of inception. To all the illiterate, uneducated educated and educated illiterate men, it is your sperm that makes a daughter or a son. This is basic biology. The daughter that is born is born because of you. Not because of your woman. Stop cursing, burning, beating, torturing, killing, divorcing her for being unable to bear you sons.

Secondly, it is your upbringing that tames your son. It is how he sees you behaving while growing up that makes him a wild beast or a dignified man. It isn’t the lady’s dress or food or upbringing or anything else that makes her a victim of your assault. While you represent men and I represent women let me tell you, you stink of chauvinism. I will eat much before you if I am hungry but I am not uncultured, I will not let you touch me if I don’t want to because I am not your estate, I will wear what I like but I am not a slut and I will drink ten shots of vodka but never mean to invite you to invade me.

Thirdly, you are insufficient, effeminate, filthy folks who cannot sustain himself so he demands dowry. It is you who makes the divine ties of marriage an unethical business arrangement. It is you whose incisors may be broken and yet craves for a gorgeous wife.

Fourthly, it is you who is constantly looking for respect and identity that you pounce on women, assert your dominance, stereotype us, refrain from household chores and pretentiously act as the stronger sex. Sadly, you are mistaken. A human being does not ideally behave like that.

Conclusively, let me imbue your mind with the fact that – I was not born to please your animal instincts, neither did my mother grew me in her womb for nine long months to be used by you as a kitchen utility nor did my father educate me to become your obedient slave. And you will become a real man the day you comprehend this.

Lastly, it is your misfortune, I repeat, it is your misfortune, your misery, that you are born a man – the sex that has to constantly be mean, ignorant and inhuman to assert their supremacy and status. Summing up my above mentioned stance, I would like to inform you, it is not my struggle but yours. When you hear of terms like woman empowerment or gender equality or feminism, trust me, more than our battle, you are fighting. You are struggling to be established as a more sensible, humane and tamed creature. And as usual, we are brave enough to take it all in our name.

Yours sincerely, A Woman




About the Author: This article is contributed by Ojaswini SrivastavaOjaswini is a Respect Women’s contributor and a student of English Literature at the University of Delhi, who looks forward to study and work on gender issues. Believing herself as a feminist, an agnostic, thinker and writer, she aspires to become a respected writer someday!

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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