A lady’s DTC struggles

  Be it a short distance journey or a long one, DTC is considered a better and cheap means of transport over busy Delhi roads. Some lucky ones enjoy the good service buses and some wait for a considerable duration for their particular bus, including me. Often, the over flooded buses would pass by after a long time creating chaos and a sort of pain in heart. And lady isn’t expected to climb on the bus doors as men do in our society! Very lucky few are shown respect by few drivers who, out of kindness, open the front doors to let them in. Otherwise she has to wait long enough for the right bus where there is enough space to get in.

women in bus

Entering the bus with a warrior like feeling is not the end but a beginning of greater challenges! Make sure you’re dressed right, even if that ‘right dress’ is never defined and can’t save you from misfortunes. The worst kinds of people are those pervert uncles who never miss an opportunity to harass you. You’ll be badly shocked at those old men whom you are supposed to be respected as elders. The annoying ones are those who stand near you and hum with a mosquito like voice. Your hands would get dirtier slapping them, better to kill them instantly. There are some mad men who are ardent followers of their kind of movement i.e. ‘Chipko Movement’ in which they try to be as close to a stranger lady as possible. They deserve to be in pagalkhana, ask any girl/ women who travels in buses and I am sure she will agree to what I am saying! These men enjoy travelling in crowded buses and put the blame of their misbehavior on crowd. Then there are some ladies-seat lovers who take great pride in occupying the seats reserved for ladies. It gives them some hidden power which might be denied in general seats. When a woman interrupts them and asks for her rights, they stare at her as if they were asked for gold or diamond. Then there are thieves who plan to rob the people by any possible way. They are lean looking, very clever and subtle of whom ladies must be beware of!

buses are unsafe for women

The two strange happenings while waiting for the bus are worth mentioning. First, when you reach the bus stop and find your bus, like a true lover, waiting for you to board and be gone. It seems heavenly, believe me!                                                                               Second condition is when you are about to reach the bus stop, and it comes like a celebrity, increasing your heartbeats and hastily moves out of your sight, as if mocking at your presence. It aches similar to that of spurned lover’s pain! DTC teaches one to wait, bear pain of sickening patience and makes heart throb at its sight. The crowd, often unfriendly and strange, will someday test your patience! You’ll be brushed and crushed in the jam-packed DTC when its availability will decline and it would be sighted as Eid-ka-chaand. But you may meet some amazing people as well! Your open ears could entertain you sometime, listening to gossips of fellow passengers, some quarrels and other unique events. For ladies, the ride isn’t easier or smooth always! There’s a great need for responsible people to take care of other’s feelings and to make sure that no rascal succeeds in his dirty dreams of sexual harassment. Silence needs to be given a voice to make world safer and improved. I shall end now declaring my love for DTC and with hopes of not being disappointed in future.           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Fatima, our intern.

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