9 Kick-ass fictional women

Everyone loves a good story – because it makes us realize that there are other people out there going through same problems as us though in a different setting. So, when women liked to be princesses they portrayed them as women as damsels in distress. But, with changing times as women became strong so became the fictional world and thus provided us with some women who take shit from no one and are not afraid to fight for themselves and their families. They do whatever it takes to achieve their goal while still maintaining their female characteristics. They can make others swoon and still kill an enemy if required.

  1. Buffy- Buffy- The Vampire Slayer – Well being a vampire slayer obviously gives her an edge, but it is the fact that she is so relatable that makes her so inspiring. It covers her emotional and romantic turmoil’s to her sacrificing nature everything about her teaches us to accept who we are no matter how many flaws we have.
  2. Lisbeth Salander –The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo – A hacker chick, who can fight as well as any male and won’t blink an eye before killing her abusers. She gave rise to the term shero – a woman who fights back and doesn’t think what people think about her. Kudos!!
  3. Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games -The YA genre had lacked a strong female lead since forever but with Katniss the trend has changed. She is hot tempered, fiercely independent but most of all it’s her compassion for others that makes her survive not only the games but also the hard critics.
  4. Hermoine Granger- Harry Potter – She is that pop culture role model that each and every teenage girl aspired to be. She made us realize that true strength and power reside in wits of an individual. She was not afraid to question authority or break the rules but at the same time kept her morality intact. She more often than not saved the day and to be honest Harry wouldn’t have survived past book one if it hadn’t been for Hermoine.
  5. Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones -She may have started as meek and scared, but now she has ended up being the most powerful women in the Game of Thrones universe with the help of her risk taking abilities, advisers, and obviously dragons.
  6. Kim possible – Kim Possible-She broke all stereotypes – a blonde cheerleader with high grades and a tendency to fight villains and who promises to do anything. She used her cheerleader moves to fight the bad guys and was always ready to save the day and her best friend no matter how busy she was.
  7. Arya Stark – Game of Thrones – When your whole world is stripped apart either you could consider it your destiny and move on, or you could make up a list of people you want to take revenge from and then give them a horrible death.
  8. Donna Paulsen –Suits – Well apart from knowing everything she is the pillar of strength for Harvey. She doesn’t sugar-coat things and is one of the most loyal people out there. She fights with her words and kills with her sarcasm thus stealing the show without lifting a finger.
  9. Shashi -English Vinglish– A Woman transforms into the role of a mother, a wife, a daughter so easily that they start losing their identity under all these folds. So, here was just another lady – simple, taken for granted but she got a chance to learn and explore the world, and this made her emerge as someone who doesn’t demands respect but has acquired it by her sheer willpower.
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