7 Reasons Why Smart and Gorgeous Women Stay Single for Years!

7 Reasons Why Smart and Gorgeous Women Stay Single for Years!

Everybody will have one question regarding that gorgeous friend who is not in a relationship yet: why is she still single?

Even though she might avoid that question, the main reasons behind it have deeper roots. Women who are choosing to stay single are increasing over the years. Here we have gathered some reasons that portray the reason efficiently.


With all the struggles for freedom and rights, women are now on a path to independence. They can now acquire jobs on their own and even get salary better than men. They can spend the money for their own needs. Any hard labour can be done availing the services particular for that labour.

2. Enjoying the Freedom and free time:

Women have realised that they can get better jobs, salary etc and don’t have to depend on a husband for their daily needs. Also, she doesn’t have to spend her time cooking for him or any other chores, instead she can spend that time on herself like, going for shopping, spa etc.

3. Emotional Stability:

Getting education, knowing their rights, women have become more emotionally stable and stronger. Now they don’t have to worry about lack of opportunities. Education has opened them several opportunities to support themselves without others help. So their path is clearer and not cloudy anymore and that benefits to emotional stability. They know what to do. They don’t have to wait to get married to support their life. Now they can wait until they find an eligible guy to marry rather than forcefully spending life with a man they don’t love or respect.

4. Modern Ideas about Relationships:

Being able to choose relationship preferences have moulded them to choose a relationship to their liking, be it living together or relationship with same gender. Now people won’t stand in their way or isolate them. If they so choose they can continue in a living together way or get married. 

5. High Standards:

Freedom to choose our own way to live changes the standards of one’s life. Same goes with women. Now they have better education, job etc and they are living the high standard life. They won’t be willing to spend their life with a person who makes them feel down or don’t appreciate them. They would rather be single.

6. Men afraid of beautiful and smart women:

Most men are scared to make their first move when it comes to a smart and beautiful woman because they will be thinking how such a gorgeous woman can be single. The fear of getting turned down is also a factor.

7. No more fairy tales:

Fairytales always shows the clichéd idea of a damsel in distress and a Prince Charming to save her. Well, that is over now. The damsels are not in distress anymore and they don’t want a prince to save them. They can take care of themselves. Also, a woman’s trust towards men has gone to a lower lever and nobody likes to get betrayed. The modern world has given them new priorities and they have gladly accepted it.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Govind S. Kurup, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor