6 Types of Men with Period Opinions!

6 Types of Men with Period Opinions!

PERIODS! MENSTRUATION! BLOOD! PADS! RUN! This is how men look at periods, believe me.

Let’s take you through 6 types of men with period opinions:

1. IGNORANT MEN: To begin with, let me tell you that there are still numerous men out there who are not even aware of this process called menstruation and they vaguely remember hearing it but have absolutely no idea what it is about. This lack of knowledge is ridiculously irritating. I mean, guys, aren’t you supposed to know about a biological process which every female in your life goes through and which is as common as peeing and taking a dump?

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What were you doing in that biology class apart from staring at those female body diagrams? You should have read some bits about the body and it must have improved your knowledge.

2. PETRIFIED MEN: For this very reason, there are men who believe that buying tampons and sanitary napkins has nothing to do with them and thus, they need to stay far away from it. Guys, it’s just a tampon, not a nuclear bomb! It won’t blast if you’d touch it but our brains certainly will, considering your deficiency of awareness and empathy.

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3. MEN WHO ASSUME TOO MUCH: Now we have men who think that every irritated, angry, sad, annoyed, pissed off, the depressed woman is PMSing. For the sake of God, or wait, for the sake of your own virtue, please spare us the absolute lack of sensitivity. Females, like you people, are a human being too. They tend to get angry, sad, depressed, annoyed, pissed off for various reasons and with a mentality like yours, we don’t need to PMS to feel a certain way.

4. INSENSITIVE MEN: There are also men who firmly believe that cramps are not that painful and women make a big deal out of it.

Men need to be kicked in their balls so that they know exactly how painful can cramps be.

5. MEN WITH FILTHY MINDS: Oh, and how can we forget the stereotype of menstruating women being dirty. I have already written a whole article on it. These stereotypes like all other stereotypes need to be done away with.

6. THICK-SKINNED MEN: there are also a set of men who think that period jokes are supposed to be funny. Well, how would you like if we joke about your penis which bleeds once for a week every month? You would lose your shit. And that is exactly why you need to filter whatever you are speaking.

Periods don’t define us and if you can’t have the basic knowledge and empathy for a biological process, then you should be sent to some other planet.      




About the Author: This article is contributed by Rashmi Bagri, our intern.

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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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