16 Men Reveal Why Life Sucks When You’re A Man

16 Men Reveal Why Life Sucks When You’re A Man

Alright, we thought of featuring men’s pain. (We believe in equality, you see) Check this out! 16 men revealed why their life sucks being a man! shutterstock_73575268

1. I believe, if I would be a woman, my soft nature would be appreciated. My love for a man would not have to be justified and I could have have given birth to a life, which is the most powerful aspect of a woman’s life.

-Sudip Dey, Creative Writer


2. Long hair. -Piyush Saini


  • I (Man) have to approach to a woman most of the times, even though I know the interest is from the other side too.
  • I can’t show my emotional side much.
  • Two close males friends are often called a coupled…Meh! Doesn’t happen with women, I believe.
  • In India, you have rape laws for women, not for men!
  • Dowry law is too biased.. (India specific)..
  • Male toilets are usually dirty, stinky. Bad bad bad!
  • Getting an apartment in India for bachelor males is a pain.
  • Stag entry is another stress.
  • I will always pay for myself and the girl on a date. If I don’t, people will call me cheap! (India specific though). Chivalry is one sided!
  • Friend zone 😀
  • Getting less Facebook likes and comments .
  • Even after passing the stag entry barrier, all you see is dudes everywhere in India 😀

-Neelesh Rangwani, Founder at Wishup

4. Being an MBA aspirant, I think I could have really done well if I were a woman, as girls are usually given marks for gender diversity and many of my friends have gotten through due to that slight advantage. Why it sucks being a man is, if a guy likes a girl and pursues her, he is sometimes branded as desperate…and also it is a guy who is always supposed to make a move on the girl, girls being shy many a times expect the guy to make the first move. -Anonymous


  • Options to gift a women are much higher than for a man.
  • Women can cry and get off challans easily.
  • Free drinks, free entry to lounges (humne kya paap kiye hain)?
  • People treat us rudely and cabs don’t stop for us.
  • We have to deal with zippers!

-Kabeer Bhatia, Founder at Giftona

6. I would say girls have it easy flouting traffic norms. women driving

No traffic police ever stops a car driven by a woman on Saturday night 😉 I remember back in Delhi, I would always prefer being dropped home by a girl on a Saturday night. I felt more safe! -Anindya Kumar Panda, Associate, Darashaw & Company Pvt. Ltd.


 7. Being a man, I don’t get those amazing variety of dresses.
Being a man, sometimes people look at us with suspicion, if we are fighting with a girl, even if we are right. Also, women are emotionally more strong.
-Tarun Bhardwaj, Founder at FUCCHA
8. It’s so difficult to impress women. Had I been a woman, it would have been a cake walk to impress the opposite sex.

-Shashank Arya


 9. Some gender biased laws that favors women over men.
-Prasun Roy, Former Resident Dental Surgeon at Xavier’s Dental

10. If you talk about this society then I believe that today I cannot feel pain. Even if you say that society has accepted to some extent that men do cry or feel pain too, I don’t readily agree with this because only 20% at max. may have accepted the fact. If I’m a boy/man, then I am going to be a strong person and be “Ghar ka Chirag”. I believe in equality too and that’s why I never let my mom declare my sister to be a weakling or dependent. That reminds me that men cannot be dependent as well.

This is from the point of view of a man, and not a gay man. -Tushar Rustagi, Student at Symbiosis

11. My life as a biological male sucks because I’m burdened by expectations of emotional labor, different than what women are burdened with. I’m supposed to be aggressive and forward and really all about the money, earn a bomb and look successful. Well surprise! I’m the least aggressive person in my circle, I’m timid and I prefer to earn for myself and lead a stress-less life. I dress like I do drugs and my hair and my body isn’t the most masculinely (is that a word?) attractive. I prefer to spend my time in pursuit of spirituality and poetry and art, and I’m told to shut up about it, be more masculine in my tastes of poetry or art or drive cars and bikes when I’d rather just sit pillion and observe stuff around. Also, this might be a bit weird because I tend to identify as a somewhat cis man and gender queer at different points of time currently. Just saying in case it matters in the survey. -Saksham Bhatnagar, Blogger/Owner at Queer Shaktism


12. Being male at some points in life sucks. Firstly, there are some laws that are just favoring women, like domestic violence act only considers women to be a victim of domestic violence. Law such as Section 377 criminalizes all kind of penetrative sex except the vaginal, so gays making love is a crime, whereas lesbians making love is not. Secondly, there are some professions where only female candidates are selected, like job of receptionist, servicing for clients at agencies and some other as well. In a way, there are many gender based biasness at various aspects whether you talk about social aspects, legal aspects, or even professional aspects. -Anonymous

13. In my opinion there are many thins that sucks being a MAN. We are supposed to be strong, hard, rough, emotionless, bread earners, monotonous and weight bearers! We can not express our emotions, cant even cry when we want to!! We have to maintain the pride of the family (by earning huge and working endlessly). We are not supposed to get tired while working or lifting anything.

We are supposed to be born cricketers (even if we are not interested in cricket 0.000001%). If we are not like this, then our masculinity is questioned! We are supposed to work twice than most of our female colleagues for the same salary! We are not supposed to bargain or plead to anyone! girls can easily skip their work or make others do their work by using a single word ‘PLEASE’. We even dont get maternity leaves! College me bhi, saari ladkiyaan paasss! back, compart to sirf ladko k hi hisse! Chahe kuc bi karlo, number to unse kam milenge. Even after working the whole day, and travellingfor hours in metro, if fortunately you get the seat, Aunties, Uncles and even girls of your age will give you such sick looks that you will feel ” Metro to hamare baitne k liye bani hi ni hai!” Lolzzzz and the list continues……
-Abhishek Royal, Doctor at Vidal Health


  • Women get options everywhere..!! So much options to dress and for us it’s like trousers and shirt that’s it!
  • Friendzone: A word which is a big problem for the guys but girls never have to deal with such a scenario.

-Jatin Singh, PR Manager, FDDI

15. Men have more chances to die at work rather than women. We get abused, insulted, embarrassed left right and center but women can get away with a simple warning.

-Ankit Malik, Sales Manager, Zomato

16. The one reason why I’ve ever wished to be a woman is the ability to have children of my own without needing a surrogate. A woman just needs a sperm donor but a man needs both an egg donor and a surrogate, who of course can’t be the same person. Not an option to those who don’t have deep pockets! Not to mention. the kind of biological connection that only a mother can have with her child.

-Chetan Anthony Noronha

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