10 Signs that you have met your Soulmate

10 Signs that you have met your Soulmate

To meet someone, who understand things without you even saying, who loves you unconditionally and whom you respects truly, is a blessing of god. But when will you know that he is “THE ONE” for you? That he is Ranveer of Deepika and Virat of Anushka?

Well that’s a bit difficult but definitely not impossible!

Here are those 10 signs which will tell you that you have met your soulmate:

1) You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion.

If you aren’t free enough to say what’s inside your heart, it’s just not going good. When you don’t have to think before saying or voicing an opinion in front of each other and when you aren’t judge according to being who you are, that’s when you have found your Mr/Ms Right.

2) You respect each other’s differences.

When you are two separate individuals, it’s definite that you will differ in your ideology and opinions. But somebody who gives respect to your differences and not imposing his own thinking on you is definitely perfect Soulmate for you.

3) You don’t sympathize in a situation; rather you empathize with your partner.

Lot of people will sympathize with your situation and provide you with utmost care, but one who puts himself in your situation and feels what you are feeling in the exact same way is definitely meant to be your soulmate.

4) You give each other your personal space.

You might be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you both are always together and constantly checking on each other. A soul needs some alone time where he is in conversation with oneself. So when you say, you need some time alone and the other person respects that, he truly is your soulmate.

5) You feel complete with each other.

When you are with each other, you don’t really need anyone else, it’s just you and him who never gets bore of each other. That’s when you feel complete with each other and incomplete without one another.

6) You feel proud of each other success.

EGO has never been a part of your relationship. When you push each other to do better in life and feel proud in witnessing you growing and getting better day by day, without any second thoughts in mind, that’s when you become soulmates for life.

7) You have a sense of security and comfort with them.

There is a sense of safety and ease between you both. No matter whatever life will throw at you both, you can fight it together and turns out to be each other’s support; Well! It’s all about togetherness. You don’t feel suffocated or trapped with each other, rather you are secure and comfortable in each other’s company.

8) Your love for each other is much more than mere a physical relation.

The relationship between you both, is much more than Sexual. Sex definitely is an important part of your relation but the bond is much deeper than that, it’s spiritual, it’s emotional and it’s pure. It’s definitely the meeting of you souls, if you are soulmates, than just bodies.

9) You both know when to apologize.

To argue and to fight is definitely important in a relationship because that’s when you grow and understands each other in a better way. But if that fights prolongs over a long period of time, without any effort to resolve, it’s definitely not a good sign. When you both know when to apologize and resolve the issue instead of stretching it, that’s when you both are made for each other.

10) Jealousy is not a part of your relationship.

The level of understanding and trust is so strong between you both, that you never feels jealous of one talking to somebody else. That is the sign of a happy couple and mature beings. Your compatibility level is so great that these trivial issues never bother you much and as a result, it doesn’t hamper your relation as such.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shreya Kohli, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor