10 Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day

1. He reads you Bedtime stories: Most fathers come home from work and read their kids bedtime stories in spite of how tiring their day went. So, why don’t you read to him this Father’s Day? father and son 2. Your Hero: Most dads are their children’s heroes, and I’m sure he’s yours too. They’re someone you look up to and someone you dream of becoming like someday. So, make him feel like your superhero this Father’s Day. my dad my hero 3. He can’t say ‘No’: Most dads may be strict but they can never die their children, so go ahead and lend out one day of happiness for him this Father’s Day. father with son 4. He’s the Man with the Filled Wallet: No matter how strict or harsh he is with you, you know your way to butter him up when it comes to pocket money. So, why don’t you treat him for a change, this Father’s Day? buy with money 5. He serves without being repaid: Every father works hard in his office to earn money for his children and their future. However, he doesn’t expect to be repaid. father with child

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