10 Awesome Things About Being Best Friends With Your Mom!

10 Awesome Things About Being Best Friends With Your Mom!

The bond between a mother and daughter cannot be explained. It is unrestricted right from the time of birth of the child till the time you die. This relationship has various twists and turns due to varied reasons and complexities in life. This unending bond will stick to you and will be a extension of your life no matter what. The respect, space and growth you wish to give to this relationship will foster the extension of the same with good strength and character. The unmatched abilities of this relation will present you with various surprises in life and define the unlimited strength of this bond.

Here are a few mentioned situations which define this highly exclusive bond for life.

1) Defensive Action : The power of action has more remarkable effects than powerful words. The child seeks defense from the mother in times of danger and also at unknown situations. The power to judge and present yourself in a defensive manner towards your child has deep rooted instincts and can be done only by the mother. This protection or defense can have unmatched effects on your life and as well as the mother’s life.

2) Genuine Care to follow up with your life: This extra responsibility of being there with you in times of need and also carrying out other responsibilities of her life demonstrates her indefatigable spirit to be with you and pray for your well being all throughout your life.

3) Unmatched and unexplainable endurance : The endurance of your mother explains her character, strength and her undemanding expectations towards your life by not bothering about the pains and hardships of her life and a constant endeavor to give a good life to the child.

4) Undemanding Expectations from the child’s success : The mother does not demand for anything for her child’s success and doesn’t get rewarded for the hardships she has taken but always gets the credit for the character borne into her child.

5) She is a detective for your life : She notices every nuance of your changes in mood, emotions, talk, behavioral pattern , clothing to drive you to take wise decisions in life and gets nothing in return for 24/7 care and attention towards you.

6) Non- judgmental : She has the mighty strength to accept you as you are for her devoted affection to build you and refine your character as her undemanding role in supporting you will give her no guarantee of accolades from your end but still her role of being totally non judgmental will stand by you at all times.

7) Unremarkable Listener: She has this unremarkable, unrelenting patience to listen to you at all times in life irrespective of the busy schedule, her mood and mental strength. This attitude of her power to listen is again not compensated but ultimately gets some relief when you are the best part of your life.

8) Undemanding credibility and trust : This unparallel dimension demarcates her from other roles of being credible and trustworthy for the secrets ,pains and problems of your life and is like a safe locker which has no password or lock but is still long-lasting and safe.

9) Inheritance of her genes and character : You are an extension of your mother with respect to genes, physique , character, traits and a lot more. This added gift into you has given you your remarkable identity which has no remuneration for your mother but this extension still provides you with various value added services for your life and identity.

10) Ultimate ruler without any exhibits : She has the hidden abilities to give you the best even in times of difficulty , has an extremely open heart with lots of generosity to share without any expectations and can rule your world as well as hers without any exhibits but only with her strong testament to give her best at all times in life.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shashwathi Srinivasa, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor