This 79-Year-Old Woman Who Never Gave Up Because Of Societal Pressure Is The REAL Heroine!

You all must have come across role models in your life who would have inspired you! Meet this 79-Year-Old Woman, who is our Inspiration. She is who we call a real epitome of feminism and strength.

In a beautiful post shared by Humans of India, she taught us the art of living life on one’s own terms. Read the post here.

I didn’t get married. Because in our time, the traditional system where the boy comes to see the girl over tea, was what decided the marriage. Since I didn’t agree with that, I told my father that I won’t get married this way. But if I do happen to like somebody, I will tell him honestly. And he respected my wishes. Eventually, I did meet a few people who I liked, but I never asked them, and life moved on. But I have so many social contact, that I’ve never felt lonely at all!

Now, I have been working with traffic control for the last 16 years. The traffic in Pune is hardly disciplined, so as a help to the police force, we started working with a trust called ‘Nirdhaar’. In the year 2000, we started a scheme called ‘ Schoolgate Volunteers’ under which we regulate the traffic outside schools when during its opening and closing hours. I go to three such places throughout the day. I am 79 years old, but I’ve decided that I will continue doing this job till my body supports me.

I love driving. I have participated in many rallies and have won many trophies as well. My first rally was on a scooter. In 1970, I took part in the rally from Nagpur to Mumbai, where I covered 896 km on my Vespa. I was the only female participant from all over India. Since then, this has become my passion. I’ve taken the scooter to Tasgaon, Sangli, Bijapur; driven my 1934 Austin to Bombay and Hyderabad; and taken this Ambassador to Ratnagiri in 7 hours. I’ve decided that once I retire from this traffic control job, I will drive to the Vidarbha – Marathwada region since I’ve never explored those parts of India.

Only if we had more like her. The world would have been a better place to live in. Our salutes to the lady of grit and determination.

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