Strange Wedding Custom – Cry For A Month Before Getting Married Or You’ll Be Beaten Up

Marriages are made in heaven, and a marriage would always bring in unbound joy into a family.

When you talk of marriage to a girl, most of them start blushing, and all they could have in her mind would be dreams of her future, with her special person. Although, there are some who are career-oriented and treat marriage as a secondary thing. Further, when the complete venue would be filled with boundless fun, a scream or a cry would definitely trouble everyone.

crying-marriageThe parents of the bride would always ask for the bridegroom to promise them they he will not let the bride cry by any chance, there is something strange with the marriages which are held in the Sichuan Province in Southwest China. The people living there are mostly Tujia people, and they follow a custom, which is very different to the current trend.

When people do not allow their bride to cry, here the bride is forced to cry. This forcing is not for a day or a week, but for a month.

The ritual says that the bride to be has to cry for a month before their wedding, and this is mandatory for every bride to have a happy marriage. Since this task of crying is completely mandatory for every bride to be, if she does not agree to cry, then, she has all the probability of being beaten up and tortured, and even the mother of the girl beats and tortures her, so that the ritual does not go incomplete.

This is a very unique practice, which is not very familiar to many. But still, this is practiced in this locality.



About the author: This article is written by our intern, Sherly Hephzibah.  

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