Open Letter To My Father Who Never Told Me That Money Was More Important Than Values

Dear Father, I wouldn’t be alive when this letter reaches your hands. I am leaving this world, dad. You taught me about love, care, affection, kindness, and so many good values. You also taught me that these things would gear up my life, giving them real value. You even told that when I go into a new family, these things would be expected out of me. But father, you never told me about money, that it was more important than the good values that I cherish in my life. Here, they ask MONEY dad, MONEY and not my values. My love and my affection couldn’t withstand this terror dad. That’s why, I’ve planned to leave. father and daughter But, father, please teach the value of money to my sister. I don’t want her to undergo any terrible situation in her life because her sister-in-law would tell her that her brother would have treated her like a princess, had she brought a car as dowry, and her mother-in-law would point out saying she came only with the saree she wore, not bringing anything as a dowry. Her husband would never respect her. Dad, it doesn’t stop there. They will hit her with the cylinder; tear off the ear to pull off the earring from it. They will beat her child, right in front of her, but she cannot speak a word. I am sure, that she cannot take it dad. Nobody should go through such pathetic conditions in their lives, and definitely not my sister. I am leaving this world dad, and I going afar off, to meet my creator. But, I am going to ask him/her. I am going to ask them to give me a world which knows no meaning of the word ‘Dowry’. Regards, The bride who is going to Become a corpse, Your daughter, dad. YOUR DAUGHTER. They say, “Even a King would become a beggar, if he has a girl child”, and though it may seem funny, the pain behind this saying is known only to a girl, and if a guy can understand that pain, well, hats off to him, for he is respects the person of his opposite gender.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Sherly Hephzibah, our intern.



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