“Discrimination since Inception”

‘Women and men are same, they are only biologically different’. We must have heard this line quite often. But I often wonder how much this holds true. Many articles have been written on the discrimination faced by women in society and the dominance of men over the opposite sex but still i want to write on this highly debated issue what I have seen and felt during my growing and learning years and other’s too. Gender She starts facing biasness from the very first time she evolves in the baby bump of mother. From sex determination to killing of foetus, a girl has to face everything. She has to undergo everything on her own because she carries the tag of being a female, ‘the submissive counterpart’. When a girl is born, the family doesn’t celebrate the way they celebrate when a boy is born considered as ‘vaaris’/heir of the family who will take the legacy beyond but let me ask you one question: Can a boy reproduce alone? He definitely needs a female for extending the legacy of his family. No man can give birth to new a living being so rather it should be the girl who should be considered the ‘vaaris’/heir and not the boy. I mean the ironical and saddest part here is that one needs a girl to marry, one needs a woman to reproduce and then you try to end the life of that same living being even before opening of eyes in womb. It’s a big shame!! If I cite more examples from daily life, then we all have seen how much a girl suffers at home mentally. A boy is not made to do household chores but given books whereas a girl is supposed to handle the both with efficiency as if she owes a duty towards everything in this world, be it family, friends, house or office, only because of the presence of breasts and vagina on her body. Have some logic, guys! A girl cannot smoke, ride a bullet bike, become the CEO of any company, cannot remain single if she wants or cannot marry after 30’s, cannot purchase condom from shop, cannot pay when husband is paying, cannot decide what her man should eat if out on dinner with in-laws, cannot work 24 hours outside while husband is at home, cannot stay without bra or in loose clothes at home if father or brother is present at home, etc. are just fewest of the world wide famous discrimination and harassment which are commonly prevalent in Indian society specially the lower middle classes, no offence! But hearty thanks to movies like Mary Kom, Ki and Ka, Chakde India, series like Quantico, clips like MY CHOICE by Deepika Padukone, songs like ‘mujhe kya  bechega rupaiya’ by Sona Mahapatra (Satyamev Jayate), inspiring and ambitious women like Chanda Kochhar, Barkha Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Sushma Swaraj, Mother Teresa,  Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and many more from different fields, that we still have some goodness and space left for WOMEN. Also, the question here is not of the superiority but of equality. Feminism doesn’t mean treating women superior and men inferior but it means treating both equally. I want that a living being should be treated as per the capabilities, not gender-wise. Its high time and dire need of hour that we should put an END to this discrimination so that all can co-exist happily and peacefully else the world should get ready to be Gay as no girl will be left to marry because if the discrimination continues like this then I am sure we won’t need rapes or natural deaths to end the lives of women rather foeticide and discrimination would suffice. To end with, I want to say that I still maintain that hope and faith that one day this world will do accept All Women and Men equally by looking at the SOULS and not at the GENITALS.     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shweta Mittal, our intern.

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