Lucknow had its first ever Pride Parade. It’s so beautiful that we’re crying!

Lucknow holds its first Queer Pride Parade: They marched 1.5 km with their message reaching millions of hearts! While Colourful clothes and rainbow flags marked the occasion, it was eighteen years after India held its first Queer Pride Parade, the event finally came to Lucknow. “This was a full-fledged Queer Pride Parade,” said Darvesh Singh […]

Why are you allowed to say I’m too skinny when I’ll be publicly torn apart for saying you’re too fat?

“Why are you allowed to say I’m to skinny when I’ll be publicly torn apart for saying you’re to fat”, I wonder! This has been a topic of discussion that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. The god awful phrase “real woman” makes me grit my teeth with true anger. Apparently only women who are a size […]

7 Challenges That You Face As A Women!

Body Hair- It’s Morning & you want to dress up? Damn! You decided to wear sleeveless but didn’t shave? Go back to wearing a full sleeves shirt!! Fart or Burp in Public- Well, Etiquettes. Women should not show any natural signs of being a human and hence, we cannot fart or burp in public. Raising a Child- Men do not often consider themselves to be a part of the tedious process of Child rearing and women tend to end up doing it ALL alone. Women who work outside the home face the double burden of raising their child and working in the offices. Dressing Appropriately- Women are judged for the kind of clothes they wear. If you wear western, you are deemed as outgoing and sometimes sluty and if you end up wearing Salwar kameez or anything traditional you will end up being called a behenji. It is impossible to run away from these stereotypes. Nothing is appropriate for the society.  Discrimination based on sex- We face discrimination for being a woman in every sphere of life. No matter where we go it follows us like a shadow. All powerful everyday- Women are not expected to feel tired ever. They are required to be on their toes 24*7, which is practically impossible but well we aren’t humans right?  Underestimating the Period Pain- We are expected to work even during the excruciating pain during our periods. Some of us have unbearable pain and nausea but we have to suck it up and work because it is not considered very serious or important enough to rest.      ———- ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Manjulika Chellappan, our intern.

Celebrate Girl Child. Celebrate Empowered Women

Being a girl child is not easy in India, where the nation is crazy about male offspring for the sole reason – ‘Khandan Ka Naam Aage Badhaana Hai’. Girls are seen as a burden to the family as the family has to spend money on their marriage, especially dowry. There many instances in India when […]

Men Of Reddit Shed Light On What It’s Like To Be Raped By A Woman

We asked Men, “Why do they rape Women?” Believe us or not – Some men answered this and their answers will shock you! Sexual desire. Sexual frustration. Urge to control. Challenge to established patriarchy. Deep sense of insecurity. Unwilling to accept women who disturb the balance of power. Women dressed up inappropriately. She was Drunk. I […]

This 79-Year-Old Woman Who Never Gave Up Because Of Societal Pressure Is The REAL Heroine!

You all must have come across role models in your life who would have inspired you! Meet this 79-Year-Old Woman, who is our Inspiration. She is who we call a real epitome of feminism and strength. In a beautiful post shared by Humans of India, she taught us the art of living life on one’s own terms. […]

Things you need to know about the Women’s March!

A day after the inaugural function for President Donald Trump, that is, 21st January 2017, hundreds and thousands of people were gathered at the national mall in Washington as part of the Women’s March. This was considered the largest single-day demonstration in the history of United States. How did it begin? A Facebook event was […]

Female Genital Mutilation in African Society

The practice of genital mutilation is looked down or detested by the world but it holds importance in African society because of the community’s age-old cultural and religious beliefs. Female Circumcision or Genital Mutilation is a common practice in African societies. The mere idea of these surgeries being performed is horrifying. It is further shocking […]

Listening To These Pakistani Women Speak Of Body Shaming Incidents Will Surely Break Your Heart!

“Moti..gaindi”, “How will you get married?”, “I tried to be as invisible as possible.”, “Because of you, African kids are starving.” In a candid new viral video, a group of courageous Pakistani women open up about being body-shamed since childhood and how it has shaped how they see themselves. Zainab Chughtai, a Lahore-based criminal lawyer, […]